Portable Drain Seal 450mm x 450mm

Stormwater originates from rain. It flows into drains, soaks into soil, pools on surfaces, creates surface runoff and evaporates. This water is untreated and eventually reaches our groundwaters, rivers and seas.

As a business, you have a responsibility to help keep this stormwater clean. Stormwater should be free of pollutants like oils, heavy metals and other industrial waste. 

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It is essential that sediment runoff into our waterways is controlled to maintain aquatic ecosystems and fulfil your workplace environmental obligations. The turbidity caused by sediment runoff changes a waterway’s dynamics. And this has a negative effect on aquatic plants, fish and wildlife.

At Ecospill, we offer a range of premium silt socks to assist with erosion and sediment control. So, what exactly is a silt sock is and how it is used to help worksites adhere to their environmental duties? Read on to find out!

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