Oil Spill Kits: The Value of Preparation

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Oil spill kits don’t typically invade the mind of the busy firm operator, until they are needed. But when called upon, they are essential to the cleanliness, safety, and environmental impact of a firm. Hydrocarbons are not the easiest substance to clean up, and doing so before it has a chance to spread and cause damage is a matter of time. You must always have the capacity to clean up, on the spot.

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Mercury Spill Kits for a safer environment

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Mercury, although present in many industrial processes and chemicals, is one of the most toxic elements on the planet. In its elemental form, the substance can kill a man with any dose greater than a single gram. Even diluted amounts of mercury cause a wide range of neurological and reproductive problems in humans, and their presence is the reasoning behind consumption warnings on fish products, as the substance has a tendency to build up over time in seafood.

These issues have even found their way in to popular culture. Few people realise that the character ‘the Mad Hatter’ was inspired by a real issue with mercury poisoning. The felt hats of Lewis Carroll’s time period were created using a substance that utilised heavy amounts of mercury in the curing process. The vapours caused numerous neurological issues in people, and led to shaking, nervousness, and shyness.

At Ecospill, we know that as vigilant and safety conscious as we are on the job, spills can happen to the best of us. Proper remediation for these issues is what sets us apart. Our mercury spill kits can ensure that your accident does not become one that will create health issues down the road, by preventing the spread this substance in to the environment.

What’s more, we provide more than the spill kit: at Ecospill, we ensure that your spill kits remain up to date, by keeping track of the expiry date of our spill kits, and providing replacements. We offer on-the-site training in their proper usage. We help to make sure that your spill containment capacity is at its peak, at all times: after all, it must be there when you need it.

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