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Oil Spill Kits: The Value of Preparation

Oil spill kits don’t typically invade the mind of the busy firm operator, until they are needed. But when called upon, they are essential to the cleanliness, safety, and environmental impact of a firm. Hydrocarbons are not the easiest substance to clean up, and doing so before it has a chance to spread and cause damage is a matter of time. You must always have the capacity to clean up, on the spot.

That is why Ecospill offers a service that doesn’t end when we deliver our spill kit. We take it upon ourselves to offer an ongoing maintenance service, ensuring your spill kit is kept up to date, and ready for action. We know that such details can be missed amid the busy schedule of our bustling industry, and we take this responsibility off of your shoulders. We keep an inventory of the expiration dates of our oil spill kits: when one reaches the date that its absorbent power has declined to certain level, we visit your work site, and replace the old one with a brand new, up-to-date, spill kit.

Best of all, our Ecospill oil spill kits spare nothing in their pursuit of an effective cleanup solution. Our hydrocarbon and marine oil spill kits constitute an investment in your spill remediation containment effectiveness, and with some kits, such as our Wheelie Bin spill kits, you will receive free on-site training in it’s application and usage.

It is easy for attention to lapse on something as basic as this, but when they are called upon and required, it is important to have your spill kit sitting nearby, ready to go. At Ecospill, we work to protect the environment and your workplace. Contact us today to find out more!