how to use cleaning chemicals safely

Just like in any home, the upkeep of your company’s office and spaces usually come down to a team effort — making sure that everyone does their best in keeping their surrounding areas clean.

However, even with the best practices, accidents and eventual dirt build up will still lead to a mess and would need general cleaning, which is why sustainable floor cleaning and maintenance should be one of your company’s priorities when thinking about office upkeep. Read more

Shower-Bathtub Combination

Having a bathtub in your own bathroom is a simple luxury that most dream to have. It’s a way for you to be able to enjoy baths and give yourself rest and relaxation within the confines of your own home and without any added cost. 

However, for most people, it cannot be denied that when constructing a house, designing your bathroom to have one of the biggest floor spaces in the house is not the trop priority  — it just makes more sense to have a big bedroom than it does to have a big bathroom, yes? What if we tell you that there is a way for you to have that coveted bathtub for rest and relaxation even with a limited space? 

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How to Install your Rubber Floor Bunding for Maximum Effectiveness

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DuraBund Installation Kit 15m

Whether you’re taking on commercial projects or building a private driveway, building or whatnot, the most important thing that you should keep in mind is that when you construct floor areas and pavements that your company would you, they should be made in a way that it is made to last. 

The construction of your driveways, buildings, storage areas and even your company’s parking lots are generally a one-time thing and the ideal setting would be for it to never break, able to withstand heat, pressure and other risks — such as spills.

Luckily, to help maintain the integrity of these permanent installations, rubber floor bunding was created! This innovative reinforcement allows you to install leak-proof high-grade materials that helps ground areas remain dry and contain any spill that may occur in the general area Read more

The Importance of Having An Emergency Spill Kit

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spill kit questions

In the industrial world, it cannot be denied that it is as much a business of creating something new as it is a business about being quick on your feet and putting out small fires on a daily basis — one example is making sure that the workplace is safe from any accidental hazardous spills.

If your company uses chemicals or other raw materials that can be considered hazardous in small or large doses, having an emergency spill kit is something you must have at all times.

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