Returns Policy

Thank you for purchasing from Ecospill Pty Ltd.  Please see below our guidelines regarding product returns.

Our returns policy covers products that:

  1. Are delivered with a fault or do not match their advertised description. In these instances, you must contact us within 7 days of receipt of goods for this policy to apply.
  2. Become faulty within our quoted warranty period. In these instances, you must contact us within the warranty period for this policy to apply.
We take pride in providing goods that are of a high quality and meet our customers’ needs, however, we are unable to test each and every product that leaves our warehouse so from time to time, a faulty or mis-measured item may find its way to a customer.
Our website and our catalogue provide detailed and accurate product descriptions and our Customer Service Representatives are available to assist you in making informed product choices.
Please choose carefully when purchasing any of our products as no exchange, refund or credit can be given if:
•   you change your mind, decide that you do not like the goods or find you have no use for them;
•   you discover that you can buy the goods cheaper elsewhere;
•   the instructions of the manufacturer have not been followed correctly;
•   the fault was caused by tampering or action by you or your agent;
•   you had a defect drawn to your attention before purchasing the goods, that is, seconds or faulty goods were originally purchased at a discount price.
Exchanges, refunds, credits and repairs will not be provided unless the item is faulty or does not match the description provided.

What You Need To Do

Prior to returning any goods to us, please call us on 1300 736 116 to receive a return authorization, giving the reason for the return.  Our friendly team will assist you to ensure that your claim is dealt with efficiently and promptly.

Cost of Returns

You are responsible for the cost of returning goods to our warehouse.  Goods must be shipped with 7 days of the date you received the item.  Please do not return goods to us COD as we are unable to accept these parcels and that may result in you incurring additional courier charges.
We will not charge you for the cost of delivering the repaired or exchanged item to you.

What We Will Do

If the item is faulty, we will either replace the item, or repair it if that’s a viable alternative.  If for some reason we’re unable to replace or repair the item, you will be offered either a refund of the purchase price or a store credit to the same value.
If the item does not match the advertised description, we will replace the item. If we are unable to replace the item with one that matches the advertised description, we will refund or provide a store credit, at the customer’s discretion, of the purchase price.
If a fault becomes apparent within our quoted warranty period, and it’s deemed that it’s not from misuse or mishandling the item, we will have the item repaired and returned to you at our expense.

General Policy Information

This policy should be read in conjunction with our Warranty Policy. Warranty periods vary from product to product so you should familiarise yourself with the appropriate warranty period for the product that you have purchased prior to requesting a Returns Application.
If you have purchased more than one of an item, this policy only applies to the faulty item. You cannot return an entire order due to an individual item within an order being faulty.
Ecospill Pty Ltd reserves the right to review, modify and change this policy at any time without notice.
If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us by phone on 1300 736 116.