chemical safety cabinet

Understanding the chemicals your workplace deals with requires knowing their storage risks. Equipped with this information, you can be proactive in ensuring the safe storage of hazardous substances.

Ecospill provides a large range of environmental safety equipment to national industry. If you need chemical safety cabinets for your workplace, read on to find out how to choose the right ones.

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Hydrocarbon spill kit

Serving as both a fuel and lubricant, the use of hydrocarbons on worksites is common practice. Apart from being highly flammable, a hydrocarbon spill can contaminate the environment, damaging plant and animal life. It can also work its way into nearby water sources through the soil if not cleaned up effectively. 

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Emergency Spill Kit Planning Tips

Businesses have an obligation to clean up spills as per the regulations set out by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and Safe Work Australia.

Spill response is something that requires fast action. Spills don’t hang around waiting for you to nip to the shops to get something to clean them up with. So, being prepared with the correct spill kits on site is key. 

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It is essential that sediment runoff into our waterways is controlled to maintain aquatic ecosystems and fulfil your workplace environmental obligations. The turbidity caused by sediment runoff changes a waterway’s dynamics. And this has a negative effect on aquatic plants, fish and wildlife.

At Ecospill, we offer a range of premium silt socks to assist with erosion and sediment control. So, what exactly is a silt sock is and how it is used to help worksites adhere to their environmental duties? Read on to find out!

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5 Things to Consider When Buying Corrosive Storage Cabinets - Ecospill

As a business, you need to provide a safe place to store corrosive substances at your workplace. But with so many options available, it makes the purchasing process quite overwhelming.

At Ecospill, we’re experts when it comes to corrosive storage cabinets. We supply Australian worksites from the East Coast to the West Coast! And we’re here to simplify the purchasing process for you. 

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If your workplace deals with hazardous chemicals, you need to have a comprehensive plan in place to manage chemical spill emergencies.

The most important part of your workplace spill response is in the planning phases. Your workplace response procedures need to be both organised and rehearsed.

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Effective spill containment makes for an easy clean-up process with minimal damage. Spill containment kits are essential for protecting the environment and your employees.
At Ecospill, we specialise in equipping businesses for effective, compliant spill response. In this blog, we explain the types of spill containment systems and why they’re important. 

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You’re Invited to join our NRL Footy Tipping Comp

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Ecospill Footy Tipping is back again for 2020!  We’d like to invite you to join our comp – it’s FREE to join, and lots of fun!  And there’s some great prizes on offer:

    • Season Winner – $500 Gift Card (major retailer of your choice)
    • Season Runner-Up – $300 Gift Card (major retailer of your choice)
    • Weekly Round Winner – $20 BWS or iTunes E-Voucher

How to Join:

  1. Go to our Footy Tipping page.  That’s if you prefer to type in manually – or click the Footy Tipping link at the bottom of every page on our website.
  2. Click ‘JOIN’.  On a desktop, it’s under the word ‘welcome’.  On a mobile, use the dropdown menu.
  3. Enter the joining password, which is:  goal  (this is case sensitive, so use all lower-case)
  4. Enter your details.  Your ‘Alias’ will be your username.  Choose a memorable password.  You can use a work or private email address (whichever you’d prefer to get the weekly updates).
  5. Click ‘Submit’ and you’re done!

Each week, you have until 15 mins prior to the first game kick-off to enter your tips for the round.  Round 1 kicks of Thursday 12th March, so sign up today!

If you have any questions please call 1300 736 116 or email us at any time.