Track Mats

Ecospill Track Mat is a heavy oil-only absorbent barrier product, ideal for use under machinery, vehicles or other situations where spill absorbtion is required. Because the base layer is made from heavy duty plastic, you have ultimate confidence that absorbed material won’t stain the floor surface under the Track Mat. The Track Mat consists of three layers, ultrasonically bonded together. The top layer is a black UV stabilised needle punch. The second layer is constructed from high strength white meltblown polpropylene and the base layer consists of heavy duty plastic.

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    Track Mat 30m Roll

    – Fuel & Oil Absorbent Barrier Product
    – Top Layer: UV Stabilised Needle Punch
    – Middle Layer: High Strength Melt Blown
    – Base Layer: Heavy Duty Plastic
    – 1.5m x 30m roll

    $472.00 ex. GST