Floor Bunding

Floor bunding provides a semi-permanent containment area, ideal for isolating the storage of chemicals and oils. It is low and tough enough to allow heavy wheels to roll overtop of it, without compromising its ability to stop leaks from escaping.

Made from Heavy Duty UV Stable Urethane, DuraBund was purposefully designed to withstand the rigors of workshop traffic. It will easily withstand car, forklift and heavy truck access. Unlike most conventional floor bunding, DuraBund will not chip, split, crack or lift. Whether you are looking for rigid or flexible floor bunding, DuraBund is your best solution.

It is uniquely flexible without compromising strength and has excellent chemical resistance. With pre-formed anchor points for dynabolts and right-angle corner pieces you can simply install DuraBund to suit any size configuration. Installation Kits are also available, and we are more than happy to provide some expert advice for your installation.

Durabund from Ecospill can ensure that your chemicals and liquids will not escape their containment area, before you can apply remediation and spill kit treatment. They allow you to protect your workshop and your local environment from spills, without disrupting workshop traffic and movement.

Floor Bunding

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