Corrosive Cabinets - Polyethylene

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Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinets allow you to safely contain flammable corrosives. They provide safe, secure, onsite storage of all Class 8 corrosive substances. The DrumSmart range of fully polyethylene Corrosive Cabinets provides the ultimate level of protection when it comes to corrosives. 100% polyethylene construction is the optimal protection against corrosion and leaks. Chemically inert, linear low density polyethylene offers maximum resistance against rust and corrosion. Keeps reactive corrosives separated and helps maintain good housekeeping practices, improving productivity within the workplace. For indoor use only.


  • 100% Polethylene Construction
  • 150mm deep liquid tight sump
  • Polyethylene Drip Trays
  • Dual Ventilation Ports
  • Chemically inert
  • Fire tested
  • Exceeds AS3780-2008

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  • Corrosive Storage Cabinet – 30L Polyethylene

    30 Litre Capacity, 30 x 1L Bottles
    2 Shelves, 2 Doors
    External Dimensions: 890 x 920 x 565
    Internal Dimensions: 720 x 805 x 475
    For Indoor Use only.

    Cat. No: CSC30-P

    Price: $1,500.00

    All prices quoted EXCLUDE GST.

  • Corrosive Storage Cabinet – 15L Polyethylene

    15 Litre Capacity, 2 x 4L Bottles
    Counter Top Design, 1 Door
    External Dimensions: 500 x 365 x 415
    Internal Dimensions: 380 x 285 x 330
    For Indoor Use only

    Cat. No: CSC15-P

    Price: $750.00

    All prices quoted EXCLUDE GST.