Ecospill is pleased to offer a complete range of absorbent products to help clean up fuel, oil, chemical and toxic liquid spills. Using the right absorbent powder saves you time and greatly assists in the efficiency of your spill clean up.

EcoSweep – is a natural, organic, bio-active absorbent that quickly absorbs fuel, oil, solvents, cooking oil, sewage and other messy liquid spills.

SNOW Universal Absorbent – is a re-usable, multi-purpose, super absorbent powder suitable for fuel, oil, chemical, paint, mineral and vegetable liquid and semi-liquid spills.

ChemSorb – is an inert absorbent powder suitable for chemical liquid spills.

Bitumen Plus – combines the benefits of EcoSweep BioActive Absorbent with Zeolite, making it perfect for use on roads and bitumen surfaces.

Browse our range of Absorbent Powders for information and purchase online. Alternatively, please feel free to call Ecospill on 1300 736 116 for more information.