Spill Kit Servicing and Re-stocking

The best way to ensure that you’re prepared and ready in the event of a spill, is to have us come and regularly inspect and service your spill kits.  This provides you peace of mind, and takes the hassle out of maintaining your duty of care.  And you can be confident you’ll always be ready for a spill incident, knowing that your spill kits are kept at their maximum spill response capacity.

At your Schedule Spill Kit Service appointment, our service technician comes to your site according to the schedule you’ve pre-approved.  You can be sure the tech will sign in and observe your site and covid protocols.

What’s Included Ecospill Spill Kit Servicing?

Onsite, our technician will complete the following:

  • Check every spill kit onsite
  • Remove any rubbish or used items
  • Inspect remaining equipment for quality and usability
  • Count the remaining stock
  • Re-stock / re-fill items according to the kit inventory
  • Re-pack the spill kit like new
  • Stamp the maintenance tag to the record the service
  • Wipe over and lightly clean the Spill Kit.

How much does Spill Kit Servicing cost?

There are no hidden charges for Ecospill Spill Kit servicing, and better yet you won’t pay a hefty up-front annual fee like some competitors charge either!  We charge a nominal fee per spill kit, depending on how many spill kits you have.  For example, if you have more than 20 spill kits, it’s $5 per kit.  If in the unlikely event that every spill kit is service and none of them require any replacement stock, we charge a nominal fee to cover the cleaning and inspection.  Any stock that is required is additional and charged according to your Trade Price.  And that’s it, that’s all it costs to guarantee regular Spill Kit Servicing.

How often should Spill Kit Servicing be done?

For the most part that depends on your usage.  For a majority of workplaces we find that quarterly Spill Kit Servicing is sufficient.  However, high use workplaces wouldn’t want to run the risk of having empty spill kits, so for those companies we recommend monthly servicing.  As always, all our spill kit servicing is done according to a schedule that you’ve agreed to, so again, there are no surprises.

What happens if I have a Spill Emergency, do you do emergency spill response call outs?

Yes we do.  Ecospill knows that spill events can happen any time, so we have an after hours number, and an call out service to supply you at any time of the day or night.  We also have a Spill Response Trailer that can be utilised in a moment’s notice, should you need it, to help protect you and the environment.