Our Company

Ecospill is a leading supplier of spill kits and environmental safety products. We have built a reputation as experts in our field. From small industrial workshops to the mining and resources sector, we deliver advice, training, spill kits and quality products to help businesses meet their environmental obligations.

Proudly Australian-owned Ecospill developed from an established company that specialised in water filtration systems, pressure cleaners and pumps. Providing expert solutions and product innovation (including our cutting-edge development of affordable spill kits) has seen our company grow to service the entire country with branches in Brisbane and Perth.

Spill kits and expert solutions to support your business

If you handle fuels or dangerous chemicals your workplace must be safe for your staff and the environment. However, navigating environmental regulations across the country is complex and it places a financial burden on your business.

Ecospill understands that you need expert advice to save time and money and meet your environmental obligations.

That’s why we act to take the pressure out of environmental compliance. Our qualified, professional consultants are able to visit onsite and propose simple, efficient and cost-effective solutions – from spill kits to bunding – to help your company prevent and minimise harm in the event of a spill.

We have also expanded our premises to reduce shipping costs and improve our responsiveness. Ecospill have a larger stock capability, as well as facilities for our spill response training courses.

Our History

Product innovation to help you meet your environmental obligations

Our company has grown through a history of monitoring the market and responding to challenges.

By monitoring the industry we know that regulatory demands have dramatically increased. Companies now face tough fines as governments encourage behaviour to mitigate environmental impacts. Consumers also demand more, so poor environmental performance can impact your bottom line.

We rose to these challenges by leading the market to develop an innovative range of spill kits and other products and services to help businesses meet their environmental obligations.

Our company:

  • Is a now a leading educator providing Spill Response Training services.
  • Introduced DuraBund in 2005 which proved to be a revolution in floor bunding that was a cost effective, permanent but truly durable floor bunding.
  • Responded to the price of escalating oil-based sorbents by launching a new range of renewable, organic sorbents and spill kits.
  • Developed the Econo Spill Kits range giving companies an extremely affordable spill kits without compromising quality.
  • Introduced a new range of Drum Containment Pallets, a new smart design for liquid recovery.

In the event of a spill; our simple, cost effective spill kits and can help you minimise disruption and maintain productivity. Our strong team can even develop custom solutions to help you remain compliant.

Take a look at our products, information on how to choose a spill kit and contact us if you require any further information.