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Oil Spill Cleanup Kits – Ecospill

Spill kits are a vital element to every Perth operation in Australia. When an oil, fuel, or chemical spill occurs, you don’t want to waste time with inferior cleanup measures. You want the problem solved, for the protection of the environment, your workplace, and your staff.

Ecospill has provided some of the finest spill kits available in Australia for many years, across a wide variety of sectors of industry, and throughout the country. We offer a spill kit that has Australian needs and working realities in mind, and which, most of all, utilises one of the most effective absorbents in the industry.

We also bring a continuing duty to our spill kits. We utilise a database to ensure that all of our spill kits are up to date, and when one is nearing expiry, we travel to the job site to replace it with a fresh one. At Ecospill, we ensure that workplaces all across Australia are kept up to date and in compliance with regulatory guidelines, with a spill kit that is ready and waiting for deployment.

At Ecospill, we have a wide variety of spill kits available, including:

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