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In Australian workplaces, there is a duty of care to provide a safe working space both for your employees, and the local environment. Oil, fuel, and chemical spills here can easily wash in to the local watershed, causing considerable damage to ecosystems, and earning you and your firm a hefty fine from your local state’s EPA.

It is vital that your Brisbane workplace is equipped with a relevant spill kit, to remediate any spill quickly and effectively. You want an effective solution within arm’s reach, to get the job done. You want Ecospill.

We offer a wide range of spill kits, for any spill cleanup needs, including:

  • General Purpose Spill Kits: these are intended both for oil and fuel, as well as agricultural and common chemicals. Our all-rounder.
  • Oil & Fuel Spill Kits: for any hydrocarbon spills around the workplace. These are especially popular around service stations.
  • Chemical Spill Kits: for aggressive, destructive chemical spills.
  • Mercury Spill Kits
  • Laboratory and Body Fluid Spill Kits: intended for use in medical facilities or hospitals.

At Ecospill, we have provided Australian industry with top-quality spill kits for many years. We bring attention to detail and functionality to spill kits in Brisbane, and throughout Australia. Best of all, we take the responsibility of replacing your spill kit at the end of its useful period. When your spill kit is reaching the point of infirmity, we visit your workplace and replace it for you. We keep your firm in compliance with regulatory guidelines, leaving you free to focus on the bottom line.

Contact us today for the best spill kits in Brisbane, and throughout Australia.

The capital of Queensland, Brisbane lies on the shores of the Brisbane River, in the southeast corner of the state. Named for the then-governor of New South Wales Thomas Brisbane, the city grew quickly from its inception in the early 19th century. It is now a regional centre of commerce and industry, and the third-largest city in Australia.