Spill Trailers

When it comes to larger spill incidents, an Ecospill Emergency Spill Response Trailer is a must for fast, efficient, mobile spill response. These mobile Spill Trailers are suitable for a range of applications; roads/traffic incident response, power stations, mine sites, petroleum depots, council depots and anywhere where there is a potential for large spillage.

Having a Spill Response Trailer means you have a fully equipped mobile unit, ready for any spill emergency. This will avoid lost time, wasted money, frustrated staff and unnecessary safety risks – and a risk of an EPA fine!

Constructed of heavy-duty, fully hot dipped galvanised steel, each Ecospill Spill Response Trailer is built tough to handle uneven and rugged terrains. Each Spill Trailer is custom filled to suit your specific requirements. Trailers can be stocked with varying quantities of the following: Absorbent Powders/Particulate; Containment Shocks; Absorbent Mats; Absorbent Rolls; PPE for Multiple Persons; Reflective Barrier Tape; High Visibility Vests; High Visibility Traffic Cones; Safety Flashing Lights; Brooms, Rakes; Anti-Spark Shovels; Anti-Static Waste Disposal Bags and other Miscellaneous Implements.

Our experienced team can help you configure a Spill Trailer to suite your specific needs. Please phone Ecospill on 1300 736 116 for more information.

Spill Trailers

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