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Floor Bunding from Ecospill: A permanent spill solution

In spill management, containment is absolutely vital. A spill within a manageable area is one thing to clear up; it can be done quickly, targeted specifically by your Ecospill spill kit. It is when the substance reaches open areas, exiting in to watersheds or soaking in to topsoil, that cleanup suddenly becomes more onerous and complex.

The proper placement of floor bunding in your workplace is one of the most important things you can do to ensure accidental spills reach no further than the confines of your floor. These unique dams trap spilt liquid within their flexible walls, containing it in to a given area, without creating so much as a trip hazard or a barrier to cars and forklifts.

Constructed of high-grade plastic, floor bunding from Ecospill is created in a to avoid trip hazards or impediments, while remaining effective. This allows your floor bunding to easily become a permanent part of your workplace, separating access to liquids, greases, oils and fuels from the remainder of the work floor, without fundamentally altering the landscape or cluttering it up.

Our floor bunding is built to last, and is strongly secured along its length, with preformed anchor points and strong right-angle corner pieces, to ensure that your bunding is a permanent part of your workspace’s landscape.

Sometimes, the most basic elements of any effort are the most effective, and floor bunding fits firmly in to that category. Contact your Australian experts are Ecospill to find out how you can protect your workplace, the environment, and promote employee safety with floor bunding.