Organising your MSDS documentation

Working with hazardous chemicals always comes with a safety risk. Controlling what we can is essential in such a dangerous setting. Control can involve staff training and correct material storing processes, for example.

Organising your MSDS documentation will mitigate the risks presented by hazardous chemicals. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are a comprehensive tool that outlines chemical hazards. Ensuring easy access to MSDS is vital in preventing accidents and minimising harm.

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Portable Spill Mat

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid a spill. Often it can be because of greasy or leaky machinery. This may start as a small issue but can quickly turn into a dangerous problem. A lot of substances used in the workplace are unsafe and could become potential safety hazards in your workshop. This is why portable spill mats are so useful. They are easy to use, easy to store and portable.

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chemical safety cabinet

Correctly storing hazardous materials is vital. It will protect your workplace, staff and the environment. There are many things to consider when choosing a safety cabinet. Most importantly your cabinet must meet local laws and regulations. Your cabinet must also be secure, fire-tested, leak-tested and allow for adequate ventilation. 

Here at Ecospill, we provide safety cabinets that also exceed Australian standards. In this article, we discuss how to choose the right safety cabinet for your workshop. Let’s explore some things to consider before making a purchase.

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