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Organising Your MSDS Documentation | Tips for Business Owners

Working with hazardous chemicals always comes with a safety risk. Controlling what we can is essential in such a dangerous setting. Control can involve staff training and correct material storing processes, for example.

Organising your MSDS documentation will mitigate the risks presented by hazardous chemicals. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are a comprehensive tool that outlines chemical hazards. Ensuring easy access to MSDS is vital in preventing accidents and minimising harm.

Ecospill has a lot of experience in supplying workplaces with safety equipment. Below, we discuss tips and solutions to help you keep your safety data sheets organised. 


Appropriate MSDS Storage

All chemicals come with an MSDS which outline their health and safety information. Some of the chemicals you work with may present a severe risk. So it’s important to take MSDS storage seriously. Appropriate containers will protect MSDS documentation from damage. Unmistakable colours and designs will also help them stand out and be easy to locate on site.

Bright coloured, portable storage boxes and tubes are a great option. Placing them at different locations around your worksite will improve accessibility. Stationary cabinets are another excellent option for physical storage. The combination of portable and stationary storage is ideal for most work environments. 

Ordering by Category

Storing your MSDS Documentation in a specific order will ensure each sheet is easy to find. With an order in place, brief the staff on the system to learn how to locate the documents they need. Below are some ordering techniques that could suit your business.


Alphabetical order is the simplest way to organise your MSDS Documentation. It’s a standard filing method for good reason. Your staff should already be familiar with finding items in alphabetical order. 


Categorising your documents by location is valuable for large workplaces. It allows you to store relevant information near the works. Your staff will be then able to access all material information quickly. Quick information access increases hazard communication and safety. 


You can store the MSDS for each material used for a specific task in one tube or box. This storage box can then be solely available to staff performing the task. Task-specific storage would suit workplaces where tasks are independent of location.

Each of the methods above are effective in better organising your material safety data sheets. The most appropriate way to order your documentation will depend on your work and needs. 

Correct Labelling

Correct labels on MSDS storage folders are often overlooked for efficient organisation. A label provides a single point of reference for locating the required MSDS.

Labels list the specific MSDS documents stored inside. Remember to update the label when adding or removing MSDS from the containers. Correct labelling will streamline the process and save your staff time. Time is crucial to saving lives and reducing damages in an emergency. 


Ecospill provides secure and readily available storage options for MSDS. Our range of solutions protects important paperwork while ensuring they’re accessible. 

MSDS Document Storage Box

Australian workplaces face unique and varying conditions. Document storage products must be durable and dynamic to match the conditions. Ecospill stock robust and portable storage boxes.

Storage boxes are available in a variety of sizes and opening styles. With a smooth surface to apply labels, they’re designed to make organisation easy. 

MSDS Document Storage Tube

We stock high-quality storage tubes that keep MSDS secure, clean, and dry. Tubes with screw-top lids allow for easy access to documents. The design of our storage tubes makes them dynamic and convenient to carry. 

Emergency Information Cabinet

Ecospill’s Emergency Information Cabinet provides safe and secure permanent document storage. Heavy-duty cabinets provide a single-point to keep all important documents needed on site. Having your critical data in a permanent location is crucial for maintaining a safe workplace.

Document organisation is rarely seen as a priority. Especially when you’re busy and another task seems more important. Yet, when dealing with hazardous chemicals, organised systems is key to improving safety. Organising your MSDS documentation can be simple with the right products and processes. Prioritising these solutions that keep documentation accessible is a worthy investment. 

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