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6 Steps to Dealing With Diesel Spills

Diesel and other petroleum-based substances are particularly dangerous. They are also among the most widely used and transported hazardous substances.

Reducing the possibility of diesel spills in the workplace by taking preventative measures is key. However, accidents, leaks and other unforeseen events can still occur. So, it’s important to have an effective spill response plan in place along with the appropriate fuel spill kits.

In this article, we discuss some of the dangers of diesel spills and tips for effective diesel spill response.


In the event of a diesel spill, several risks are present:

  • Diesel and other petroleums are slippery and can create a slip hazard for both road and human traffic.
  • They are also extremely flammable. Diesel spills become a serious fire hazard if not responded to efficiently.
  • As diesel and other petroleum are made up of toxic chemicals, they create health risks if they come into contact with groundwater.
  • Spilt diesel can run off the land, reaching rivers and the sea via stormwater.  This can have an adverse effect on aquatic life.


The process for dealing with diesel spills is generally covered in the following 6 steps:


Depending on the severity of the spill, you may need to notify emergency services. Generally, if there is a threat to people, property or the environment, contacting emergency services needs to be your first port of call.


The next step, or otherwise first step, is to control the spill. This is done by stopping the source of the spill whether by uprighting a drum, stopping a pump or plugging a leak.


Once the spill is controlled, you need to eliminate all ignition sources from the area of the spill. If necessary, evacuate people from the area. If a large diesel spill takes place, personnel entering the area will need appropriate personal protective equipment. They will also need to be specifically trained in fuel and oil spill response.


The next step is containing the spill. This not only minimises the cleanup area but also stops the spill from spreading and entering drains and watercourses. Fuel and oil land socks, found in fuel spill kits are an effective way to contain a diesel spill.


Once the spill is contained, it needs to be soaked up to allow for easier cleanup. The bulk liquid can be soaked up using absorbent mats or pads. Any remaining spill remnants can be soaked up using special absorbent granules or powder that can then be swept up. These are also commonly found in fuel spill kits.


The diesel collected in the cleanup operation needs to be placed in appropriately labelled containers. You then need to adhere to proper disposal regulation by disposing of it at an approved disposal facility.


For any workplace in Australia that uses or stores fuels, fuel spill kits are essential. They ensure that environmental compliance is maintained and help businesses meet their duty of care to their staff.

At Ecospill, our fuel spill kits are suitable for all fuel, oil, petroleum and other liquid spills. We cater to most workplace needs with fuel spill kits available in sizes from 20L to 240L. We can also provide custom made fuel spill kits to suit individual needs.

Some examples of what is found in our fuel spill kits are:

  • EcoSweep BioActive Absorbent Powder
  • Fuel & Oil Absorbent Mats
  • Land Socks for perimeter containment
  • Acid Resistant Gloves
  • Anti-static Waste Disposal Bags with Ties
  • Spill Clean Up Instruction Card

When it comes to purchasing spill kits for your workplace, Ecospill has you covered. Not only do we provide onsite spill kit training, but we also regularly visit to check up on and, if needed, restock your spill kits. This means you can have peace of mind knowing your spill kit is always ready to handle a spill to its maximum capacity.


Not preparing your workplace to deal with workplace spills goes beyond your staff and the environment. The EPA can assign hefty fines as well as bill business owners for the cleanup costs associated with spills. So, it pays to have the appropriate spill kits and other spill response equipment easily accessible onsite.

Ecospill is proudly Australian and here to make easy work of meeting your environmental obligations. We offer a wide range of quality spill kits and environmental safety equipment across Australia. Contact our team today to see how we can help you!