10 Reasons Why You Need Sorbent Wipes

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sorbent wipes

Whether it be in your own home or at the workplace — spills of all kinds are inevitable. Everyone spills a little water or juice every now and then, and, in the industrial field, chemical spills also happen occasionally, no matter how careful we are in handling hazardous materials.

This is why although best practice for proper handling remains to be working cautiously with hazardous liquids such as chemicals, making sure that you have the proper supplies to handle the occasional spill is also vital — how do you do this? With sorbent wipes! Read more

Portable Spill Mats vs. Traditional Absorbents: Which Is Better?

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Portable Spill Mat 600 x 600

When it comes to workplace safety, companies should be prepared to handle all the most common risks associated with their line of work — their field. For companies in the industrial industry, this means all kinds of possible accidents involving hazardous chemicals, such as spills. 

Chemical spills because of its nature are considered hazardous as it might affect your employees in the workplace as well as the integrity of your infrastructure. Because of this, it has become common practice in the industrial industry to make sure they have sturdy absorbents in hand — able to handle the chemical makeup of these spills.

The two most effective absorbents? Portable spill mats and traditional absorbents, both do a great job in making sure that you can be quick to clean up any chemical spills. But, there are a few differences.

Let’s take a look into how Portable Spill Mats differ from Traditional Absorbents! Read more

How Grippy Land Socks Safeguard Drains

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land socks

Drainage systems whether in residential or commercial areas sooner or later will always end up clogged, broken and/or slow in draining. This is because no matter how careful we are in draining our household and industrial washing, small amounts of residue such as hair, oil or even worse — hazardous chemicals will still make its way to your pipes — the culprit? The holes you see in your drains.

While these holes fulfil the very role of a drain and allow water to pass through, because of its width, hazardous spills and chemicals are able to pass through as well, creating problems for you in the future.

This is why it has now become a common norm for specialty products to be sold made specifically to filter out the liquids we drain, preventing any hazardous chemicals. However, no one could have guessed that one of the best filters is  makeshift one — grippy land socks! Read more

The Key Components of Biohazard Safety Cabinets

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When it comes to workplace safety — most companies would agree that the best way to protect your organisation, employees and workplace in general is to make sure that you are appropriately prepared for the most common threats present in your field.

For example, if you are a company handling shipments, you make sure that you have processes in place for shipment overloads. In the construction, chemical and industrial industry — preparedness comes in the form of having the right tools to handle all risks.
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