Effective Workplace Spill Response in 4 Steps

  • Posted by: Nick

Chemicals are present in many workplaces, from laboratories to office environments. Chemicals are hazardous and can be deadly when misused or in the case of an incident.

Chemical use ranges from one workplace to the next. Some chemicals are for production. Others are for cleaning purposes. They can also be to lubricate equipment or to ease some other workplace action.

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Ecospill Pledges 10% of January Sales Profits to Salvos Bushfire Appeal

  • Posted by: Ecospill Spill Kits
We're donating!

Like you, here at Ecospill we’ve been horrified to see the state of devastation unleashed with the Bushfire crisis.  As a company that is passionate about our environment, and equally passionate about helping Aussie businesses protect it – considering the fires, the loss of homes and loss of lives – there are no words.

But we have been encouraged by the stories of heroism, by the indefatigable spirit of our firefighters and by the sheer heart of the survivors. And if there’s anything we know about Aussies, it’s that we have such a courageous spirit, that keeps going no matter what.

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