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Everything You Need to Know About Portable Spill Mats

Sometimes it’s hard to avoid a spill. Often it can be because of greasy or leaky machinery. This may start as a small issue but can quickly turn into a dangerous problem. A lot of substances used in the workplace are unsafe and could become potential safety hazards in your workshop. This is why portable spill mats are so useful. They are easy to use, easy to store and portable.

Here at Ecospill, we offer a range of spill mats to serve all needs. This includes custom made spill mats.


Below are some of the benefits portable spill mats can offer your workplace:


Working with hazardous materials means you need to be diligent about your safety procedures. Portable spill mats offer an easy solution. They are compact and easy to install throughout your workshop as required. With folded edges, they allow you to catch any overflow without it leaking onto the floor. Afterwards, you can easily dispose of or re-use the product. You can take them with you when refuelling a vehicle or whilst carrying out maintenance. This way you are sure to avoid unwanted spills.


Portable spill mats are versatile. They are foldable and compact, which makes them easy to use and store. You can set them up as needed, without having to decide on a permanent location for them. You can use them in a workshop or take them to different locations as needed. Being foldable means, you can store and use them as required. It is a good idea to keep one in your work vehicles for easy use wherever your workers are.


A workshop is often full of machinery. Portable spill mats are a great solution for collecting spills from such machinery. Whether it be a vehicle, generator or drum, the design allows you to set these mats up around any equipment. You can then use the machinery with peace of mind, knowing any spills will be caught.


The portable function means it won’t matter if you move or replace your machinery/equipment. They work well for leaky machinery. You can set the mat up under a known leak to avoid chemicals getting on the ground. This means less clean-up afterwards and a safer workplace. 


Our portable spill mats are easy to clean. They are designed to be cleaned then used repeatedly. They have a surface that is easy to wipe down, with good chemical resistance. This means these mats will last and are repellent to most hazardous materials. This functionality makes them environmentally friendly. So, you won’t need to use disposable materials when cleaning up a spill anymore.  


Portable spill mats are easily deployed. It is a good idea to place them in key areas throughout your workshop. You are then able to easily access and deploy them as needed. They are made from a lightweight material. This allows them to be stored and stacked in a range of locations. 


Our portable spill mats are manufactured from UV stable PVC Hydrocarbon secondary containment material. This means they are sun and light-resistant, so can be used outside. The heavy-duty PVC makes them extremely durable. They can be cleaned and reused repeatedly without losing quality. This material is lightweight, meaning the mats can be moved around with ease. Heavy-duty PVC can withstand many different chemicals. So, you will be able to catch any spill without worrying that your mat will be eroded. 


 Each of these mats has flexible, folded edges to avoid overflows. If none of these sizes suit your specific needs, we also offer ‘made to measure’ mats. We can custom make mats to your required measurements to fit any space. 


Safety is paramount when working in any workshop. With portable spill mats, you will be able to work confidently, knowing you have a system in place to deal with leaks and spills. Portable spill mats are also useful for on-the-go tasks and can be kept in work vehicles for easy access. 

Our Ecospill range is made from a chemical resistant, lightweight material. They have folded edges to allow for overflow issues. We have a range of sizes available, as well as a ‘made to measure option’. If you have any more questions about our portable spill mats, then give us a call. We are always happy to help and offer solutions to your workshop requirements.