diesel spills

Diesel and other petroleum-based substances are particularly dangerous. They are also among the most widely used and transported hazardous substances.

Reducing the possibility of diesel spills in the workplace by taking preventative measures is key. However, accidents, leaks and other unforeseen events can still occur. So, it’s important to have an effective spill response plan in place along with the appropriate fuel spill kits.

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Preparing Your Workshop To Deal With Spills

  • Posted by: Nick
deal with spills

We tend to think of spills as major events with broad media coverage. But the fact is, worksites with their everyday equipment, products and activities are at risk of spills too. 

Whether you’re a large, multi-employee warehouse, or a one-man workshop, if your business involves the storing, transporting or handling of liquids, you need to be ready to deal with spills. 

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spill kits accessories

Spill kits are essential for any workplace that uses or stores fuels, oils, non-aggressive liquids or chemicals. Having the correct spill kits on-site can ensure your environmental compliance and duty of care to your people.

Ecospill is a leading supplier of spill kits and environmental safety products. We supply a range of spill kit accessories that can enhance your spill kits and boost your spill response capacity. In this article, we discuss 5 spill kit accessories your business can’t do without. 

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chemical safety cabinet

Understanding the chemicals your workplace deals with requires knowing their storage risks. Equipped with this information, you can be proactive in ensuring the safe storage of hazardous substances.

Ecospill provides a large range of environmental safety equipment to national industry. If you need chemical safety cabinets for your workplace, read on to find out how to choose the right ones.

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Hydrocarbon spill kit

Serving as both a fuel and lubricant, the use of hydrocarbons on worksites is common practice. Apart from being highly flammable, a hydrocarbon spill can contaminate the environment, damaging plant and animal life. It can also work its way into nearby water sources through the soil if not cleaned up effectively. 

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5 Things to Consider When Buying Corrosive Storage Cabinets - Ecospill

As a business, you need to provide a safe place to store corrosive substances at your workplace. But with so many options available, it makes the purchasing process quite overwhelming.

At Ecospill, we’re experts when it comes to corrosive storage cabinets. We supply Australian worksites from the East Coast to the West Coast! And we’re here to simplify the purchasing process for you. 

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If your workplace deals with hazardous chemicals, you need to have a comprehensive plan in place to manage chemical spill emergencies.

The most important part of your workplace spill response is in the planning phases. Your workplace response procedures need to be both organised and rehearsed.

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