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How to Maximise your Bathroom Space with a Shower-Bathtub Combination

Having a bathtub in your own bathroom is a simple luxury that most dream to have. It’s a way for you to be able to enjoy baths and give yourself rest and relaxation within the confines of your own home and without any added cost. 

However, for most people, it cannot be denied that when constructing a house, designing your bathroom to have one of the biggest floor spaces in the house is not the trop priority  — it just makes more sense to have a big bedroom than it does to have a big bathroom, yes? What if we tell you that there is a way for you to have that coveted bathtub for rest and relaxation even with a limited space? 

By simply creating a shower-bathtub area where your showering area is a general combination of the two, you’ll have the option of bathing comfort and bathing efficiency quite literally within your fingertips!


The Benefits of a Shower-Bathtub Combination in your Bathroom 

A shower-bathtub combination is like having both a shower and a bathtub in one unit. It’s a way to save space in your bathroom because you don’t need separate places for showering and bathing. You can use it to take a quick shower or relax in a bath, all in the same place. It’s a handy setup for homes where space is limited or for anyone who likes having options for how they want to clean up.

This bathroom layout is popular for bathrooms because it has many benefits. It saves space by putting the shower and bathtub together, great for smaller bathrooms or shared spaces. 

This combo is versatile, letting you bathe or shower as you like, meeting different needs well. Plus, it’s easy to use for people of all ages and abilities, making bathing and showering simpler with just one setup.Before thinking of installing one in your very own home, think about the restrictions of your own bathroom first!

Assessing your Bathroom Space

Look into your Available Bathroom Space

Measure the dimensions of your bathroom to determine the feasibility of installing a shower-bathtub combination without overcrowding the space.

See your Current Plumbing and Electrical Situation

Evaluate the existing plumbing and electrical connections to ensure compatibility with the new fixture. Consult with a professional if modifications or upgrades are necessary.

Now, it’s time to choose the right shower-bathtub installation!

Choosing your Shower-Bathtub Combination

Picking the right shower-bathtub combo is probably the most important step in your bathroom makeover as it is what helps you  make the most out of your space and make sure it remains functional for you. Here are some things to think about:

Compact Designs

Look for space-saving designs that optimise the available space without compromising on comfort or functionality.

Multi-Functional Features

Choose units with additional features such as built-in shelves, grab bars, and adjustable shower heads to enhance usability and convenience.

Installing your Shower-Bathtub Combination

Plan the layout of your bathroom to accommodate the shower-bathtub combination seamlessly. Consider the placement of other fixtures such as the toilet, sink, and storage cabinets to create a balanced and functional design. Once done, you can proceed to installation!

Step 1. Preparation

Clear the area where the new fixture will be installed and ensure that the plumbing and electrical connections are ready.

Step 2. Positioning

Place the shower-bathtub combination unit in the designated area, ensuring proper alignment and clearance for doors and fixtures.

Step 3. Plumbing and Electrical Work

Connect the unit to the existing plumbing and electrical systems, making any necessary adjustments or upgrades as required.

Step 4. Apply the Finishing Touches

Install fixtures such as faucets, handles, and showerheads according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Seal joints and connections to prevent leaks and ensure a watertight installation.

As you plan it, make sure you design it according to you and your family’s needs! Take note of what you usually use in your bathroom and you can even add a few shelves, cabinets, or shower organisers to save space and keep things tidy as you design your bathroom!  Also, make sure that the  shower-bathtub setup you pick is easy to use for everyone at home.

The Bottomline

In the long run, using a shower-bathtub combo in your bathroom is a smart way to make the most of your space. It adds convenience by letting you enjoy leisurely baths when you have time and speedy showers when you’re in a hurry — giving you the functionality for both inside your own bathroom!

By following the steps outlined in this guide and choosing the right fixture for your needs, you can create a stylish and functional bathroom that optimises space without compromising on comfort or usability — creating the bathroom of your dreams!


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