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An Introduction to Silt Socks | Ecospill Sediment Control

It is essential that sediment runoff into our waterways is controlled to maintain aquatic ecosystems and fulfil your workplace environmental obligations. The turbidity caused by sediment runoff changes a waterway’s dynamics. And this has a negative effect on aquatic plants, fish and wildlife.

At Ecospill, we offer a range of premium silt socks to assist with erosion and sediment control. So, what exactly is a silt sock is and how it is used to help worksites adhere to their environmental duties? Read on to find out!


Silt socks are a simple and effective way of managing sediment runoff on or near worksites. They are placed around drains and gutters to catch most of the sediment before it goes down the drain and into the waterways. They can also be used on dry land to preserve topsoil in heavy rains.

Between jobs, silt socks can be easily emptied and stored.


Silt socks are universally used for erosion and sediment control. They are standard practice on any worksites where clearing, grading, excavation, or fill activities take place and require identification in your business’s Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan.


Ecospill is a leading supplier of environmental safety equipment to national industry, with a wide range of stormwater and sediment control products available.

Our premium silt socks are made from geotextile fabric and are available in a range of lengths. They come flat-packed and are ready to be filled with gravel or sand. To make sealing them easy, each silt sock has a sewn-in easy tie. They are quick and easy to set up and deploy, and equally easy to pack up and store.


Businesses have an obligation to take all reasonable and practicable measures to prevent and/or minimise environmental impact. Not only does this keep our environment safe and minimise the footprint of your worksites, but it also avoids hefty non-compliance fines.

Silt socks are a simple and effective method of sediment control.

At Ecospill, we have built a reputation as the experts in our field. We are here to help you with any of your silt sock or other spill kit supplies. Contact us today, our friendly team is ready to assist.