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Workplace Stormwater Management | Ecospill Stormwater Control

Stormwater originates from rain. It flows into drains, soaks into soil, pools on surfaces, creates surface runoff and evaporates. This water is untreated and eventually reaches our groundwaters, rivers and seas.

As a business, you have a responsibility to help keep this stormwater clean. Stormwater should be free of pollutants like oils, heavy metals and other industrial waste. 

At Ecospill, we supply Australian workplaces with environmental safety equipment. We have built a reputation as experts in our field.

In this article, we discuss workplace stormwater management. Read on to find out why it’s important and the equipment you need to do it well. 


As a business, you must put measures in place to prevent stormwater pollution that occurs as a result of your operations. There are several reasons why workplace stormwater management is important. And they all benefit your business. 

By having effective stormwater management in place you can: 

  • Comply with the Environment Protection Authority’s codes of practice
  • Reduce the risk of hefty fines 
  • Minimise environmental damage 
  • Increase workplace efficiency (and reduce costs)
  • Improve your business profile and even grow your patronage as a result


Stormwater management is a vital part of site activity for any workplace in Australia. There are several steps a business needs to take to ensure that polluted stormwater doesn’t reach our waterways. The key steps to effective workplace stormwater management include: 

  • Managing all stormwater within the boundaries of their site 
  • Identify and minimise any possible stormwater 
  • Dispose of the stormwater in line with EPA regulations


A key part of an effective stormwater management plan is having the right stormwater equipment and products on site. Below are some of the stormwater control products we stock workplaces with. 


Ecospill coir logs are ideal for soil erosion and protection applications. They are made from organic coir fibre, a heavy, densely packed coconut fibre and are 100% natural and biodegradable. Coir logs are used to control water flow, as a soil amendment, bank protection, steep batter protection and erosion support. They are wrapped in a coir netting. This gives them high tensile strength that offers excellent protection from sediment movement and heavy water flows. 


In a busy workshop, the floor can become covered with a thin veil of oil or grease quickly. Whilst too thin to pose a risk to workers or vehicles, it can be washed off by heavy rain and end up in our waterways, causing environmental harm. 

Ecospill drain filters are practical and cost-effective devices. They capture oil, fuel, soil and other debris that would have otherwise runoff your workplace floor into your stormwater drain. Our stormwater drain filters allow rainwater to pass through with ease, whilst filtering any potential contaminants. 


Made of solid, tacky polyurethane, Ecospill drain seals provide a tough and durable drain seal whenever and wherever needed. As it is tacky on both sides, it is great for forming a tight seal that blocks out any spilt substances. 

Polyurethane constructed drain seals offer superior stormwater management over their rubber or plastic counterparts. This is because Polyurethane is compatible with a wide range of substances including chemicals and solvents. What’s more – it’s environmentally friendly! 


Silt bags make excellent drain protection barriers, effectively controlling water flow. Ecospill silt bags are made from reinforced mesh. They also come fitted with handles for easy handling. Our silt bags are both cost-effective and simple to deploy. All you need to do is fill them with sand or gravel and you’re ready to go.


Controlling sediment from construction sites, dredging, decanting and toxic algae is simple with Ecospill silt curtains. They are made from tough Geofabric and come fitted with a ballast chain, ready to deploy. 


Using a silt fence helps prevent control runoff and lowers the risk of pollution and eroding the neighbouring areas. Ecospill silt fences feature high tensile strength. This allows for water damming to the full height of the silt fence, retaining sediment but filtering through water. Our silt fences are made from heavy-duty polypropylene tape yarns. This means they hold their structural integrity under construction stresses. The permeable barrier also helps reduce water turbidity. 


Controlling sediment runoff into our waterways is essential to maintaining aquatic ecosystems. Ecospill offers premium silt socks that capture sediment runoff before it enters drains and gutters. Ecospill silt socks also provide a simple method for controlling erosion.

Our silt socks come in a flat pack and are ready to fill with sand or gravel for deployment. Silt socks applied around drains and gutters will catch the majority of the sediment. They are also good for use on dry land where they can prevent topsoil from washing away during heavy rainfall. Ecospill silt socks are easy to empty after use and store. 


Through constant monitoring of the industry, we know that regulatory demands have risen significantly. Businesses face hefty fines as Governments encourage behaviour that mitigates environmental impacts. Similarly, consumers also expect more. So, ultimately, poor environmental performance can hinder your bottom line. 

At Ecospill, we’re market leaders in developing and supplying an innovative range of spill kits and other environmental safety products and services. We’re here to help businesses meet their environmental obligations with ease. Contact our friendly team to see how we can help your business.