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7 Explanation of Why Oil Absorbent Mats are Important

There are many oil absorbent mats benefits to consider. These mats easily and rapidly suck up the oil that has spilled, helping protect the environment.

Most spill kits come with oil-absorbent mats, which are an essential part of the kit. Spill kits rapidly contain leaked or spilled fuel, oil, and chemicals. They absorb the liquid to ensure it can’t spread too far or contaminate local water and soil. There are multiple options for absorbing a spill, offering quite a few oil absorbent mats benefits. 

It’s usually best to use as few products as possible when cleaning up a spill. For many people, the choice is simple. Mats allow for plenty of coverage and can be very valuable. 

1. Oil Absorbent Mats Are Efficient

When a small spill occurs, you can clean it up with a single absorbent mat. If you use other oil-absorbent materials, it can take longer to get them cleaned up. For example, absorbent pellets or similar require sweeping up later on. This process is additional work that isn’t an issue with sorbent mats. 

2. Spill Response Can Be Faster

The instant use of absorbent mats makes them more useful. As soon as a leak occurs, an employee can lay a mat over the spill and start soaking it up. This reduces the spread of the oil and prevents further contamination.

3. Oil Absorbent Pads Are Eco-Friendly

Ecospill’s absorbent mats contain polypropylene. While this is a type of plastic, it is inert and non-toxic. It’s also indefinitely recyclable, which makes it possible to create more mats over time. Currently, Australia is working to create a better recycling system for PP. They will prevent it from going to the landfill, as it is not kerbside recycling friendly. 

4. Absorbent Rolls Give You Options

Absorbent mats may come pre-cut or in a roll, so you take what you need. This design ensures you avoid wasted materials. When choosing a roll, check what type of spill it’s suitable for, as some are best for chemicals and others work better for oils. 

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5. Oil Absorbent Mats Are Hydrophobic

Worried about soaking up the oil that’s spilled on the water? Fortunately, absorbent mats for oil are hydrophobic. They repel water, which makes it easier to collect the oil. It also means you can use the mats on the water once the initial spill is mostly cleared up. The mats will eliminate the final traces of the oil from the ocean and leave it as clean as possible. 

If water and oil spill together, the mats will absorb the oil, and the water can continue flowing down the drain.

6. A Single Person Uses a Mat

Ideally, multiple employees will be available to manage a spill, but if only one person is available, mats are easy to use. A single person can easily handle small spills. Even medium spills are relatively simple to clean up with the right mats. This means that even those who work alone can respond rapidly to a leak.

7. Oil Absorbent Mats Can Absorb a Lot of Oil

Did you know that these mats can soak up vast amounts of oil? They’re stiffer than regular fabric so they can manage more liquids. Some mats hold up to 10 or even 20 times their weight in oil. This means even a small mat can work to clean up a lot of oil, making it particularly useful. You don’t always need huge mats to get the best possible absorbency. 

These oil absorbent mats’ benefits mean most businesses will find it useful to have them placed strategically. If there is an issue, they can rapidly clean the oil. 

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Does your workplace run the risk of oil leaks? If so, you need to have a spill kit available in each high-risk area. You should also invest in oil-absorbent mats to ensure you have the best protection against contamination.

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