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5 Things You Need to Know About General Purpose Spill Kit

Every workplace with hazardous liquids or oil must have a general-purpose spill kit available in danger areas. This allows for rapid cleanup if there’s an accident.

General-purpose spill kits are an essential part of a safe workplace. Anywhere you work with potentially hazardous liquids, you need to have a spill kit. General-purpose spill kits cover all types of spills, while you can also choose more specific kits to suit your needs.

When it comes to preventing chemical hazards in the workplace, fast cleanup is essential. You need to prevent the chemicals from getting into the ground. It’s also important to avoid causing health issues, which can be done with rapid containment of the spill.

What is the Main Purpose of a Spill Kit?

The primary purpose of a spill kit is to rapidly contain and clean up any hazardous liquids. The kit will contain absorbent agents that can be used to prevent the spill from spreading. The same materials help absorb the liquid, whether it’s oil or chemicals.

What Types of Kits Are Available?

There are multiple types of spill kits available, depending on your needs. They are:

  • General-Purpose Spill Kits: These may be used with any liquid spills but are often personalized to include what is needed for the particular spills in your workplace.
  • Hazardous Chemical Spillage: If you have a specific chemical at risk of leaking, you’ll need a HAZCHEM and a chemical spill kit. Often, these kits include gloves and floor sweeps to prevent further contamination.
  • Hydrocarbon Spill Kit: You’ll need special materials for fuel and oil spills. The absorbents in the hydrocarbon spill kit will soak up fuel, oil, and other hydrocarbon liquids. It’s also designed to reduce risk, such as when fuel is a fire hazard.
  • Marine Spill Kits: These kits are designed to prevent oil and other types of spills that may occur at sea. These spills may be on the water or on a ship, but they need to be cleared up as quickly as possible.

You can learn more about spill kits here.

5 Things You Need to Know About General-Purpose Spill Kits

Before you select a general-purpose spill kit, you should know what to look for. Here are some of the things to consider before purchasing.

1. Choosing the Right Spill Kits

It’s essential to have the correct spill kit. A general-purpose spill kit is ideal for general and non-hazardous spills. You may choose a kit that works with aggressive chemicals or hydrocarbons, such as oils and fuel. To determine which kit you need, consider what type of liquid you’ll need to absorb. This will determine the best spill kit for your needs.

2. What Must Your Spill Kits Contain?

Spill kits must contain an absorbent powder suitable for the type of spill you’re cleaning up. While this is the most critical part of the kit, you should also have mats, socks, and waste disposal bags. In situations where the chemicals may be toxic, you can include other personal protective gear to keep employees safe.

3. Use Spill Kits to Respond Effectively

If you’ve ever tried to clean a splash of oil off the floor, you know how difficult it can be to eliminate all traces of it. A larger spill can cause many problems, including posing a danger to your employees. With a spill kit readily available, they can rapidly contain and clean up a spill.

4. Where to Place Your Spill Kits

If you’re unsure where to place your spill kits, do a site assessment. Determine where the risk areas are and place kits in these areas. There should be a spill kit in any chemical or fuel storage space, anywhere these liquids are loaded or unloaded. Areas with plenty of traffic should also have a kit ready in case something goes wrong.

It’s helpful to place the spill kits next to known emergency stations, such as the eye wash station, a first aid kit, or an extinguisher.

5. How Many Spill Kits Do You Need?

Spill kits are an essential part of maintaining a secure work environment. Every business is different, so assess the area and be sure you have enough kits for each section. You will need at least one kit per danger area.

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