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3 Benefits Of Drum Funnels And Why You Need Them

Handling liquids is a risk to workplaces because they can spill or become contaminated. Spillage of chemicals is a danger to people and the environment, especially if they’re hazardous or corrosive. When it comes to working with chemicals, any improvements to make the processes more efficient can be welcomed. Drum funnels can be the buffer between your staff and hazardous chemicals. However, the benefits of drum funnels don’t stop there. They’re simple tools that streamline and safeguard the process of moving liquids.

Trying to transfer a heavy container of liquid into a drum can be a challenge. With a regular funnel, it can be tedious and messy at best and dangerous at worst. Your staff are tasked with keeping the heavy bucket balanced so the liquid doesn’t end up on people or equipment. If the balancing task is successful, your staff then have to maintain the slow process. Pouring and waiting, pouring and waiting. If they pour too fast, the drum isn’t able to regulate the pressure, and the liquid can ‘burp’ back and cause chemical droplets to spill. Ecospill stock drum funnels to help businesses with this problem.


Below we discuss three main benefits of Drum Funnels:

1. Improves safety

Easy and safe pouring: Drum funnels hold a large volume of liquids. Your staff can pour whole containers into the drum funnel without stopping. They don’t have to hold heavy containers while waiting, which reduces the chance of losing balance or dropping the container. The large funnel opening can also eliminate overspills or miss-spills which can be common with conical funnels. 

Reduce contact with chemicals: Drum funnels may also come with a lid. After staff have poured the liquid in, they can close the lid and allow the fluid to drain into the drum while minimising hazards. Drum funnel lids help you securely store containers while they’re being drained. 

Handles most chemicals: Polyethylene material makes drum funnels suitable for most chemicals. Other funnels can be vulnerable to corrosive chemicals, which can result in spillages. A drum funnel that accepts most liquids can create a simple process for your team by removing uncertainties. 

Secure: Finally, drum funnels are designed to sit securely on drums. An immovable drum funnel can be ideal for the safe pouring of liquids in workplaces. Eliminating movement can minimise the chance of the liquid spilling. This can be a dangerous situation if the chemical is hazardous or corrosive.

2. Saves time and resources

Leave containers to drain: The large diameter of drum funnels also saves time and resources. Your staff can leave containers to drain and move on to other tasks. Drum funnels can accept multiple containers at a time, further reducing the time spent decanting.

Fewer spills: Again, drum funnels reduce the chance of overspills and miss-spills. While chemical spills are a major hazard, they also cost businesses time and resources to clean up. If chemicals drain into environmentally sensitive areas, it can cause significant issues. Drum funnels can prevent these problems and ensure you don’t waste any valuable chemicals.

3. Reduces contamination

Protects chemicals from foreign materials: Transferring of liquids is a cause of contamination. Combining a secure lid and wide opening allows the decanting process to be as quick as possible. Closing the drum funnel lid can protect the liquid from contamination while it naturally drains into the drum. The lid also ensures that the drum will not fill with water if it’s left outside in the rain.


Drum Funnels are a simple tool to make your operations safer and faster. If you’re an Australian business owner, safety, time and resources may be central to your operations. Ecospill stock drum funnels that offer the above benefits. Read through the features of our drum funnels to see if it’s the right fit for you:

  • DrumSmart’s unique Drum Funnel is designed to sit on top of both closed top or open 205L Drums.
  • They allow for easy decanting while minimising mess.
  • The large 605mm diameter gives a generous surface size to accept multiple containers.
  • The Drum Funnel design channels liquids into the drain hole.
  • Made from 100% polyethylene these Drum Funnels are impervious to most chemicals.
  • They come complete with a fitted lid.