Drum Funnel

Drum Funnel

Spill Containment Systems

$165.00 inc. GST

– Fast, mess free decanting of liquids into a drum
– Leave containers to drain into 205L drums

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Detailed Description

Decanting from multiple containers into 205L Drums has never been easier. DrumSmart’s unique Drum Funnel is designed to sit on top of both closed top or open 205L Drums, allowing for easy decanting, while minimising mess. The large 605mm diameter gives a generous surface size to accept multiple containers. The Drum Funnel design naturally channels liquids into the drain hole, so that containers can be left to drain naturally, allowing the operator the freedom to complete other tasks.

Made from 100% polyethylene these Drum Funnels are impervious to most chemicals. So you can securely store oil filters, and other containers while they are being drained.

Drum Funnel
  • Convenient, Fast Decanting
  • Fits 205L Drums
  • Leave Filters to drain