IBC Poly Containment Pallet

IBC Poly Containment Pallet

Spill Containment Systems

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Tough, Recycled Polymer Construction
Spill Capacity: 1150L
Load Bearing Capacity: 1650kg
Dimensions: 1900mm x 1320mm x 880mm H

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Detailed Description

Containing spilled liquids and recovering them is easy with an Ecospill 1300L (Intermediate Bulk Container) IBC Poly Containment Pallet. Made out of heavy duty Polyethylene, this unit offers complete protection against damaging and costly spills. Built tough with support struts and fitted with a convenient drain plug for easy liquid recovery. Exceeds EPA requirements – offering 120% of the largest container capacity. This Ecospill IBC Poly Containment Pallet is easily nestable for economical transport.  Pallet truck and forklift friendly as well.


  • Spill Capacity: 1150L
  • Load Bearing Capacity: 16500kg
  • Dimensions: 1900mm x 1320mm x 880mm H
  • Weight: 107kg
  • EPA Compliant

Why choose IBC Poly Containment Pallets over traditional galvanised IBC Containment Pallets?

Polyethylene IBC Containment Pallets are built tough, designed to withstand the rigours of the workplace, but at the same time are a lighter option than galvanised IBC Containment Pallets.  If the liquid that you’re storing in the IBC container is potentially flammable, like oil, and your workplace contains other spark ignition sources, a Polyethylene Containment Pallets is a safer anti-spark option than steel. Polyethlyene offers excellent chemical resistance, as well as being anti-corrosion and rust proof.

Ecospill IBC Containment Pallet - EIBC1100PE
IBC Poly Containment Pallet
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