Four Drum Containment Pallet (Square)

Four Drum Containment Pallet (Square)

Spill Containment Systems

$653.40 inc. GST

Sump Capacity: 230L
Load Bearing Capacity: 2700kg
Dimensions L x W x H: 132cm x 132cm x 32cm
Weight: 47kg

Detailed Description

Four Drum Containment Pallet (Square)

Made of tough 100% polyethylene, this Four Drum Containment Pallet is impervious to most chemical, acids and corrosives, and provide an effective guard against dangerous leaks and spills by trapping toxic liquids within the body of the pallet.

Design features include forklift pockets, and multiple structure supports to simply manoeuvrability without compromising strength.


  • Four Drum Containment Pallet
  • Fits up to four 205L Drums
  • Tight weave grate, ideal for batteries and smaller containers
  • Sump Capacity: 230L
  • Size: 132cm W x 132cm D x 32cm H
  • Weight: 47kg

Superior Polyethylene Construction

100% premium polyethylene is the ultimate standard in chemical resistance without compromising on product integrity or strength. You can be assured that every Ecospill Four Drum Containment Pallet has been rigorously tested and thoroughly checked so that the containment pallets don’t bow or buckle when weighted down with drums (up to it’s recommended load bearing capacity). The design of the pallet itself has been road tested and perfected so that spilled liquids can be recovered quickly, self draining towards the pre-formed drainage points. Each pallet features two separate drainage points to assist with this also.

Square Drum Formation

Up to four 205L drums fit easily on each Four Drum Containment Pallet in a 2 x 2 configuration (two drums in front, two at the rear). This square style formation is particularly useful in workshops where storage room is tight or compact. The 130cm x 130cm sizes means that the containment pallets can easily fit within a single pallet space. Of course, if you require an in-line style containment pallet, Ecospill also has available a Four Drum Containment Pallet Inline in a single, all in line, formation.