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The Wet Season and Erosion Remediation: Coir Logs and Silt Curtains

Here at Ecospill, we are best known for providing premium spill kits for clients in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and everywhere in between. But our involvement in environmental protection extends beyond that of oil and chemical spills.

Unbeknownst to many people, soil erosion in Australia is a growing problem. The land mass of the Australian continent is enormous, but the amount of arable land for cultivation of crops and staples is relatively small. Soil erosion among our coastal towns is increasing, as we suffer from more frequent and stronger cyclones and tropical depressions, in response to global warming. Inland, the loss of surface vegetation, often related to the influx of rabbits and their ravenous appetites, have impacted upon soil loss rates.

Erosion results in the loss of topsoil and vital nutrients within it. It can play a role in the salinification of our topsoil, especially in coastal locations. It also has the impact of impacting upon the quality and clarity of our water bodies. Many of our fish species have suffered in the increased turbidity, while others, such as european carp, have flourished.

As Queensland exits the ‘official’ wet season, the rainy season is only beginning for areas further south, in Victoria. As well, the cyclone season – already in full swing – continues well in to the month of May. To guard against the loss of topsoil, whether on a worksite or just around your property, and to protect the environment, the right preventative measures are vital.

Coir Logs

These all-natural anti-erosion measures have become hugely popular in recent years, due to their affordable nature, versatility, and effectiveness. Composed of coconut fibres, they are brought to bear in areas where erosion is threatening beaches, riverbanks, construction sites, and in many other applications.

Their mass increases considerably when exposed to moisture, affixing them firmly in place, while their flexibility means they adjust to whatever landscapes that you place them in to, without breaking a sweat. Best of all, coir logs can become part of the landscape until they eventually biodegrade, providing support and aiding soil erosion all the while.

Silt Curtains

Intended for use in an aquatic setting, silt curtains are deployed in situations involving underwater construction. Their hanging curtains, suspending from a float, segment the heavily silted waters of the construction site from the rest of the waterway. They are available with various skirt lengths, to cater to different waterway depths. These curtains must be built tough to cope with their environment, and at Ecospill, we stock only the toughest on the market.

Stormwater Drain Curtains

These curtains are intended for use underneath almost any stormwater drain grate. They are fixed underneath the drain, to protect the curtain itself from any activities occuring above the drain – allowing them to be put in to use in areas experiencing a high volume of traffic. They capture oils and sediments before they reach the storm sewer, preventing them from reaching water bodies.

Land owners and construction experts throughout Australia have the obligation to ensure that our water bodies remain unfouled by runoff, and that our properties do not recede due to the impact of soil erosion. Contact Ecospill for more information, or check out our numerous anti-erosion products today.