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Drum Containment Pallets – The Best Solution For Containing Spills

Looking for a better storage solution for liquids? Drum containment pallets are the answer. They can be stacked to save space and help to contain any spills.

If you’re looking for a way to contain spills on construction sites and other workplaces, drum containment pallets are the best option. They are designed specifically for this purpose and are very effective at preventing leaks and spills.

Many different types of drum pallets are available on the market, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. They are made from various materials, including plastic, metal, and even concrete.

They are also easy to use and keep your workplace clean and safe.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using drum containment pallets and provide some tips on choosing the right one for your needs.

Benefits of Using Drum Containment Pallets

There are many benefits of using drum containment pallets, including:

Get More Effective Spill Management

If you’re dealing with a hazardous liquid, someone must take the time to put on protective gear and fetch a spill kit to clean things up. Even non-hazardous liquids can cause accidents if they are not cleaned up quickly.

One way to improve spill management is to use spill containment pallets.

Spill pallets are designed to catch and contain spills before they have a chance to spread. In addition, they provide a stable surface for drums, making it easier to transfer liquids without spillage.

Reduce Spill Wastage

Containerised drums are a convenient and effective way to store and transport large volumes of liquids. However, they can also be a significant source of spillage if not correctly handled.

By placing drums on a containment pallet, you can help to reduce the risk of spillage by up to 95%. The spill pallet effectively captures any leaks or spills, preventing them from spreading onto the floor or into the environment. In addition, spill containment pallets help to keep your workplace clean and safe by containing any potential hazards.

Move Containers More Easily

Moving heavy containers around is no easy feat, but it’s much easier when you have the right tools. Spill containment pallets make moving and storing drums easy and efficient.

Unlike traditional pallets, spill containment pallets have a raised edge that helps to keep drums in place. This prevents accidental tipping and makes it easy to move drums without lifting them. In addition, spill containment pallets are made of durable materials that can withstand the weight of heavy containers.

Get a More Flexible Storage Solution

In many industrial and warehouse settings, it is necessary to store liquids in drums. Whether you are storing oil, chemicals, or other liquids, you need to be able to do so safely and efficiently.

Drum spill pallets offer a more flexible storage solution than traditional methods such as racks or shelves. With drum containment pallets, you can store drums of any size and shape, making them ideal for spaces with limited or irregularly shaped storage areas.

In addition, drum containment pallets can be stacked or nested to save space.

Reasons Why You Need a Drum Containment Pallet

There are many reasons why you may need a drum containment pallet, including:

It Cuts Down On Clean Up Time

A drum containment pallet can help to cut down on cleanup time by providing a designated place to store drums and other materials. This helps to keep the work area tidy and organised, making it easier to maintain cleanliness.

It Saves Money

Overall, a containment pallet is an economical solution for any business that works with liquids. It can save you money in the long run by preventing or minimising the damage from spills.

It’s Safe

Industrial drums store and transport liquids, but they can pose a serious safety hazard if a spill occurs.

A drum containment pallet is a specialised piece of equipment that helps to prevent accidents by containing and managing spills. The pallet holds drums in place and has a lip that helps to contain any liquids that might be released.

In addition, the pallet typically features a drain hole that allows liquids to be quickly removed without creating a slip hazard.

It’s Stackable, Moveable, And Easy To Clean

A drum containment pallet is a must-have item for any business that uses drums to store or transport liquids because:

  1. It’s stackable: Drum containment pallets stack on top of each other, making them ideal for businesses with limited space.
  2. It’s moveable: Pallets are perfect for businesses that need to transport their liquids from one location to another.
  3. It’s easy to clean: When a spill occurs, the containment pallet makes it easy to clean up the mess. Simply remove the drum from the pallet and empty it into a waste container.


Spill containment pallets are the best solution for containing spills. They are made from durable materials, can be stacked or nested to save space, and feature a lip that helps to contain any liquids that might be released.

Accidental spills happen, and you need to be prepared when they do. 

A spill can cause a lot of damage, not just to the environment but also to your bottom line. The cost of cleanup and restoration can be enormous.

Ecospill offers the best spill kits on the market. Our kits are customised to your specific needs and come with onsite training and regular visits from our team of experts, so you can rest assured that your spill station is always fully stocked and capable of handling any spill. 

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