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Emergency Spill Kit Planning Tips from Ecospill | Spill Kits Supplier

Businesses have an obligation to clean up spills as per the regulations set out by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and Safe Work Australia.

Spill response is something that requires fast action. Spills don’t hang around waiting for you to nip to the shops to get something to clean them up with. So, being prepared with the correct spill kits on site is key. 


Ecospill specialises in supplying businesses with emergency spill response equipment, including spill kits. In this article, we share with you a few things to consider when spill kit planning.

What A Spill Kit Is

A spill kit holds the necessary spill response equipment and PPE required for a trained spill responder to clean up safely and efficiently.

A well-planned spill kit saves you precious time in containing and cleaning up spills. This is due to everything you need being in one place, ready to deploy. Spill kits can be easily transported too, which means you can take them to the exact location of the spill. 

How Big It Needs to Be 

When considering what size spill kit you need, it’s important to think about the size of potential spills at your workplace. If you’re intending on only having one spill kit for your entire facility, then you need to base your choice on the worst-case spill scenario. 

Depending on the nature of your site, several smaller spill kits placed in spill-prone areas throughout might be the best option. Knowing your potential spill volumes and referring to your spill response procedures will help you choose the best size spill kits. At Ecospill, we stock a range of spill kits in different sizes to suit your needs. 

Spill Kit Key Differences 

Spill kits are similar in that they all contain absorbents and PPE. But because they are used to clean up a variety of spilt substances, i.e. corrosives, oils, and universal liquids, the types of absorbents and PPE they contain will differ from kit to kit.

For example, the spill kit that you would have in a mechanic plant would be different from that of a laboratory, chemical facility or food-processing factory.

Spill Kit Contents

The absorbents, tools and PPE that you stock your spill kits with is to be directly suited to the substances that may be spilt near to the location of that spill kit. A well-planned spill kit should include anything you may need to contain, control and clean up a spill.

Here is what you can expect to find in a typical spill kit: 

Staff Spill Kit Training

Last, but not least – ensure that your team are well-trained surrounding your spill kits on-site; where they are and what they contain. Effective spill response not only comes down to the spill kits themselves but also the capacity for them to be used quickly and efficiently by members of your workforce. 

At Ecospill, we offer a range of spill kit and spill response training courses. They have been designed to develop participants’ skills and understanding of both the theory and practice of spill prevention, containment, and clean-up. Ecospill’s trainers have over 10 years’ hands-on industry experience. 

Contact us to talk to one of Ecospill’s specialists about your business’s spill kit training needs.

Emergency Information Cabinets 

MSDS storage should fall part of your spill kit planning. The best way to keep these important papers accessible and safe from damage is by using either an MSDS Document Storage Box or Hazchem Emergency Information Cabinet.

At Ecospill, we are happy to stock both types of MSDS storage, suitable for even the harshest environments. 


Spill kit planning is essential to ensure your business is equipped to respond to a spill in a timely and regulatory specific manner. We hope you found this spill kit planning guidance helpful.

To discuss your workplace spill kit requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Spill kits are our speciality and our friendly team is always happy to help.