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The Timing and Replacement of Spill Kits and Absorbent Pads

Absorbent pads and spill kits are elements of an industrial workplace that don’t typically warrant much attention, until they are needed. They can slip easily from the collective consciousness, and become an aspect of the background. This can mean that many workplaces can lose track of the finishing date of their spill kits’ maximum potency as a cleanup tool.

Spill kits, being absorbent, aren’t able to target their oil absorbing skills on an as-needed time frame. They lose a degree of their potency over time, owing to the ambient humidity in the air and the natural breaking-down of their active ingredient. This means that a level of vigilance is called for to ensure that your spill kit is able to maintain efficacy when called upon.

That’s why, at Ecospill, we have committed to helping out Australian businesses who have better things on their minds. We are able to provide a service that keeps your firm up to pace on the legalities of absorbent pads and spill kits, by ensuring that they are up to date and ready for action.

Our master spreadsheet allows us to maintain knowledge of when you are in need of a replacement kit or absorbent pad. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that you are never bereft of a kit to help you contain any oil or chemical spills, and stay safely on the side of legality and good environmental practice.

Our absorbent pads and spill kits are the class of the industry, and we take pride in providing them to firms all over the country. For more information, contact your friends at Ecospill today.