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Spill Kits and the Melbourne Workplace

Spills kits in Melbourne are vital for a wide variety of reasons. They aid us in preventing environmental problems, they keep our workplace safe from contamination and slip hazards. But occasionally, a spill can provide more danger than we might realise. One such example occurred at Melbourne Airport in 2016.

Tullamarine is one of the busiest airports in the country, and not only for people – a large amount of freight moves in and out of the city through here. This can include almost any product imaginable, for an almost infinite variety of purposes.

This includes a number of industrial products. In November of last year, a flight landed with a cargo of hydrofluoric acid. This substance is vital to a number of industrial processes, including car detailing and metal washing, but it is also extremely harmful to human life. So when its container began to leak on to the floor of the shipping area, the alarm went out.

The fire department duly arrived, and were able to contain the acid by placing it in to another container. However, the delay in discovering the leak had exposed a number of the staff to vapours from the leaking carton, and one staff member had come in to physical contact with it. Hydroflouric acid interferes with nerve responses, so burns do not become obvious for some time. As a precaution, eight staff members were taken to hospital, although luckily, all were released later that day.

As your spill kit experts in Melbourne, we recognise the importance of DIY cleanup – but we also know when to let the experts take over. Luckily, so did Tullamarine Airport staff. Remember, always be aware of the substances you are handling in your workplace, and the dangers they pose.