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Why Rain and Coir Go Hand in Hand

It’s been wonderful to see the welcome relief the recent rains have brought. While they’re not yet enough to consider drought busting, they’ve been frequent and consistent enough to bring decent downpours. And those downpours have brought us other challenges… controlling the movement of water.

Fast flowing water or even slow, soaking water – combined with dry, dusty and thirsty land – is a recipe for erosion and lots of it.

Which is why rain and coir go hand in hand… What is Coir, you wonder? Drive past any road works today and you’ll see Coir Logs. Often deployed by the side of the road, Coir Logs seek to control the flow of water, slowing it down and avoiding unwanted erosion. You’ll notice coir more distinctly as a furry brown fibrous material.

What makes Coir Logs better than other erosion control options, like silt socks?

Coir Coconut Fibre | All natural | Soil and Sediment Control | Erosion Control | Biodegradable | Environmentally Friendly Coir Coconut Fibre | All natural | Soil and Sediment Control | Erosion Control | Biodegradable | Environmentally Friendly

Firstly, coir isn’t a synthetic material – it’s 100% natural coconut fibre, making it one of the safest, most environmentally friendly and sustainable products there are! It means that there is zero wastage when using coconuts: the milk and rusk are used for consumption; the shell is ground up for use along with the coir fibre. The dense fibre is then packed into a netting (also make from spun coir fibre) to form Coir Logs. And because it’s all natural, it is completely safe to use. Vegetation can grow though it. It can be left in place to slowly biodegrade over the years.

How can Coir Logs be used?

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They are used for a number of erosion control options. First, when deployed down sloped water courses the coir logs act to control water turbidity and slow the movement of water. This is the most common use in roadside construction. Coir Logs can also be placed to direct water flow, away from protection areas and towards drainage areas. Coir can also be stacked on top of each each to provide embankment support, even in steep embankment sites. The flexibility of coir means it can be curved or shaped to fit curved environments. Yet, it is strong and versatile enough to hold shape in even difficult environments. Perfect for riverbank or watercourse re-newal too. In fact, Coir Logs, as a 100% natural, sustainable and biodegradable option are Ideal for all construction sites and controlling run off.

About the only thing Coir can’t do is give one a fake beard. Unless you’re a ginger?

Ah Coir…what’s not to love? So… with all of this lovely QLD & NSW rain… have you got your coir yet? We’ve got plenty in stock, ready to support you. Call 1300 736 116 to order yours now, or go straight to the product COIR200 or COIR300.