Coir Logs 200mm x 3m Length

Coir Logs 200mm x 3m Length

Coir Logs

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– 100% natural and biodegradable
ONLY avail Australia Eastern States
– 200mm thick x 3m long
– controls water flow and sediment erosion
– drain protection, bank protection and erosion regeneration
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Detailed Description

The latest, most environmentally responsible development in erosion control are Coir Logs.  Available in multiple sizes, here we are highlighting Coir Logs 200mm in diametre x 3 metres long.  Coir Logs are ideal for multiple erosion and protection applications.  Made from organic coir fibre, a heavy densely pack coconut fibre, they are 100% natural and biodegradable. Coir Logs are wrapped in a Coir netting, the rolls have high tensile strength offering excellent protection from sediement movement and heavy water flows. A relatively new and natural product, Coir Logs can also function as a soil amendment. Life expectancy is approximately 24 months. Comes in 200m diameter x 3m lengths. Other sizes also available.

There is a minimum order quantity of 4 for this item.  Bulk buy quantity pricing is also available, call us on 1300 736 116 for your bulk buy price.

**All prices quoted for COIR Logs are for Australian Eastern States only. Call 1300 736 116 for a price for all other States.**
Due to the bulky nature of this Coir Logs, they cannot be purchased directly online. Please call 1300 736 116 with your order quantity and shipping details so we can arrange a cost-effective shipping solution. Coir Logs 200mm are in stock and are ready to ship.

Coir Logs 200mm in Use in Riverbank Restoration

Coir Logs easily curve to the natural shape of the bank you are protecting, and can be stacked one on top of the other to form a wall structure encouraging vegetation to establish.  Their natural brown rusk colour allows for deployment to naturally blend with vegetation so they are not unsightly. Deployment on steep batters can greatly help reduce the flow of water velocity and reduce sediment movement down the bank.

Coir Logs 200mm are versatile and can be used in many applications:

  • drain protection to slow water velocity
  • sediment control
  • riverbanks and toe protection
  • steep batters and sand dunes
  • building sites
  • wetland erosion
  • coastal wave erosion
  • sand bank regeneration
  • soil amendment