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Preparing Your Workshop To Deal With Spills

We tend to think of spills as major events with broad media coverage. But the fact is, worksites with their everyday equipment, products and activities are at risk of spills too. 

Whether you’re a large, multi-employee warehouse, or a one-man workshop, if your business involves the storing, transporting or handling of liquids, you need to be ready to deal with spills. 

Preparing your workshop to deal with spills isn’t only for the safety of your people and the environment. It’s necessary for compliance with regulations. Failure to comply may result in hefty fines. 

In this article, we discuss some of the ways you can ensure your workshop is ready to deal with spills.


If your workshop deals with fuels, oils or other hydrocarbons, it’s important to have a suitable spill kit on hand. Spill kits that are well-equipped and accessible are key to the effective management of workshop spill response. 

Ecospill supplies spill kits to businesses throughout a range of industries across Australia. The design of our spill kits is specially for the industrial and commercial environment. They contain a special selection of powerful absorbents and effective cleaning products.

For both the environment and your bottom line, it pays to have a suitable spill kit on site. Choosing the right spill kit may seem daunting. But Ecospill is here to help guide you towards the spill kit that will serve your workshop’s needs. 


Spill kit contents will vary depending on the model you buy. The exact type of spill kit and other spill response equipment your workshop needs will depend on the nature and quantity of the chemicals you use.

An important part of preparing your workshop to deal with spills is a good spill kit inventory management. This includes: 

  • Ensuring it contains the correct equipment
  • Conducting regular stocktake of equipment/replacing used items
  • Maintaining equipment/ensuring the working order of equipment

Managing your spill kit inventory and maintenance is vital to control spills, meet regulations and fulfil your workplace responsibilities

When you buy an Ecospill spill kit, you have our ongoing support. We not only provide on-site spill kit training, but we also look after the restocking of your spill kit. With us, you can be confident knowing your spill kit is always equipped and ready to deal with spills.


Below are a few key spill response products that you can often find in workshops and spill kits. 


Made from a selection of organic cellulose products, Ecosweep absorbent quickly soaks up liquids. It provides what is known as a ‘wicking effect’. That is once it absorbs the liquids, they are capsulated and can’t drip or separate. 


Containment booms are available in several forms, one of which is the land sock. Land socks are for perimeter containment of spills on land. They help stop the spread of the spill and allow you time to clean it up. Ecospill stocks a range of high-quality fuel and oil land socks in different lengths. 


A range of industrial-grade cleaning chemicals including. These may include hand cleaner, heavy-duty degreaser, all in one cleaner and truck wash. Our range of cleaning chemicals are 100% Australian made for Australian environments.


Storing flammable or corrosive chemicals at your workshop safely should be a priority. Safety cabinets are designed to safely house a variety of substances. They help keep your staff and the environment safe and ensure your business meets compliance.


Ecospill absorbent mats and pads are a key product in all spill kits. They are sorbents that are made from a single layer of polypropylene fibres. They are drip-free and come in mats or perforated rolls for easy, precise use. 


At Ecospill, we supply track mats that are ideal for use under vehicles or machinery where spill absorption is needed. The base of our track mats is heavy-duty plastic to prevent the absorbed material from staining the surface under the mat.


Important documents like MSDS, manuals and emergency information need to safe and easily accessible. MSDS document storage boxes ensure that papers stay clean and dry, even in harsh environments. 


Ensuring your staff are well-trained in spill response is essential for preparing your workshop to deal with spills.

Your employees need to know how to prevent workplace spills and also how to respond to them. This involves knowing how to use the spill kits and other spill equipment on site.

At Ecospill, we’re proud to lead the way in  spill kit training. We offer a range of courses from introductory level through to advanced training.


If you’re looking for an Australian supplier of spill kits or other spill response products, we can help you. We offer a wide range of quality spill kits and environmental safety equipment to help you meet your obligations. 

Our experienced team is happy to discuss your needs and guide you towards the right purchase for your business. Contact us today to see how we can help you prepare your workshop to deal with spills.