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Help Minimise Mess in the Workplace – Drum Funnels

One of the things we love is getting out and about to local workplaces.  Meeting real people at their workplace, seeing how they operate, and helping local companies with their environmental obligations.

Dealing with messy liquids

Today we’ll look at one of the most common challenges every industrial workshop faces:  mess.  Yes, minimising, preventing and controlling messy liquids.  Messy canisters.  Messy oil filters.  Messy hands for mechanics and operators alike.   Whether you’re decanting, changing oil filters, or draining: messy liquids can prove a real challenge.

The old thinking that you can just clean up at the end of the day is gone.  Messy liquids can affect productivity:  people work slower, handling of tools is more difficult in messy liquid environments.  Messy liquid on the hands, get on the clothes, on the boots, on the floor and then risks of workplace injury increase dramatically.  Not only that – it makes for an unsightly workshop.

Solution:  Using Drum Funnels

A Drum Funnel is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to deal with messy liquid canisters, and oil filters.  Drum Funnels are designed so that oil filters, used canisters can be placed on them and left to drain.  All with no mess, no fuss.  They are cleverly designed to allow for liquids to drain, through a drain hole into a large drum situated below.  You can even drain multiple filters or canisters at once, stacked in rows, so that they all drain fully and carefully.  Ecospill Drum Funnels also have weatherproof lids so that you can close the lid, protect the oily liquids from weather and water and leave to drain.  Once fully drained you can dispose of the canister or spent oil filters in the usual method (according to regulatory guidelines).

Drum Funnels fit onto any standard 205L litre drums.  They are available from Ecospill.  For more information click here or call 1300 736 116 to speak to a real person.