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4 Reasons Why the Correct Installation of Silt Fences is Important

It’s important to comply with regulating bodies when working in the Australian construction industry. The correct installation of silt fences is integral to any building site. Not only to avoid fines and maintain integrity but also from an environmental standpoint. There can be a substantial amount of erosion and runoff at any worksite, especially during rainy months. It is vital to keep this to a minimum and with a quality silt fence and the correct installation, this can be achieved. 

At Ecospill we are passionate about your safety and the environment. In this article, we discuss the correct installation of silt fences.


A silt fence is used to control erosion and sediment runoff on construction, landscaping and excavation projects. The correct installation of silt fences is key for any company. If your silt fence is not compliant with national standards you can face fines of up to $10,000. Not only this, but you could also be damaging the environment and your reputation. 

Silt fences can protect your worksite from erosion. They also aid in environmental efforts to keep pollution to a minimum. A worksite may unknowingly pollute local waterways through runoff, a correctly installed silt fence will keep this to a minimum. This is why it is so important for all worksites to be up to standard. 


So, let’s look at the 4 main reasons why the correct installation of silt fences is so important. 

To Prevent Pollution of Waterways

One major source of waterway pollution is runoff from construction sites. Local waterways can get filled with mud, sand, silt and soil from just one rainfall. This can have serious effects on the environment. It can displace fish and other animals, and destroy local habitats.

Controlling the debris from your worksite and keeping all the sediment contained is the main job of a silt fence. With a properly installed silt fence, you can feel better knowing you are keeping your environmental impact to a minimum. 

To Prevent Unwanted Erosion on the Worksite

In many parts of Australia, there are storms and heavy rainfall. This can be a disaster for a worksite. You can lose truckloads of sand in just a single storm. Correct installation of silt fences will help with this. You can border your worksite with a silt fence to prevent erosion. When installing the fence, you must ensure it has been dug in. If it is simply placed on top of the ground, it will not be effective. Erosion is not only bad for the environment but very costly. It’s important to protect your project from heavy erosion.  

To Avoid Fines from Regulating Bodies

Silt fences are so important for environmental protection that failure to abide by the rules can result in costly fines. Local councils and government bodies have strict rules when it comes to construction sites. They are constantly monitored, and violations can mean on the spot penalties. Failure to properly install a silt fence can mean an on the spot fine of up to $10,000. It can be even worse for repeat offenders. It’s essential to understand the local rules and guidelines and always ensure you are in compliance with them.

To Protect the Integrity of the Project

It’s important both ethically and financially to abide by the rules. In the age of social media, it’s easy for a company’s reputation to be ruined in the blink of an eye. Most building and construction sites are visible to the public. This means rule violations are also visible. It would be easy for a member of the public to take a quick snap and share it with thousands of people online. This could mean your project will be viewed negatively and may impact future business. It’s easy to install your silt fence correctly and avoid such an occurrence.

Doing the right thing can also have positive effects on your business. A company that is seen to be environmentally conscious is invaluable in today’s climate. Your local community will commend you for it and it will hopefully improve your business. 


The correct installation of silt fences is integral to any construction site. A silt fence is a valuable tool against pollution and erosion. Failure to abide by the rules can mean costly fines that may ruin your reputation. At Ecospill we offer a high-quality silt fence material with fast deployment. If you have any questions about our silt fence, then give us a call.