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Why Spill Kits Are An Essential Part Of Your Environmental Management Plan

All businesses, big and small alike, will have an impact on the environment to some degree. Businesses need to follow regulations that are in place to minimise this impact.

Your business should have an environmental management plan (EMP) in place. This is regardless of whether it operates out of a small workshop or a large scale commercial warehouse. 

At Ecospill, we’re a leading supplier of spill kits and environmental safety products. We aim to help you meet your environmental obligations with ease. In this article, we discuss EMP’s and why a spill kit (or several) should be an essential part of yours. 


An environmental management plan is unique to your business. It details any potential risks your business activities may pose to the environment and how you plan to deal with them in case of an incident. Your EMP should include the actions your business will take to minimise its environmental impact. These should include: 

  • How your business aims to reduce risks to the environment. This may include better storage practices for hazardous chemicals in the workplace. 
  • Plans for controlling the risks your business poses to the environment. These may consist of performing regular audits of safety equipment.
  • A compliant and effective process for dealing with an environmental issue, for example, a dangerous spill. 

Your environmental management plan should be an available resource for all your staff.

The benefits of having an environmental management plan in place extend beyond the environment. Sustainable practices can save your business money. They can also give you an edge over your competitors. Customers favour businesses that do their bit to reduce the human footprint. 


If your business uses or stores fuels, oils, non-aggressive liquids or chemicals, then spill kits should be part of your EMP. 

When your workplace has spill kits and spill kit trained staff, you are ready for effective spill response. A spill kit provides you with everything you need for efficient cleanup. It helps you minimise any damaging impact on your staff, the environment, and operational time. 

There is a range of different spill kits to suit different needs, for example, general-purpose, fuel and oil and chemical spill kits. Your business must have the right type on site. 


Our range of spill kits covers all types of liquid spills a workplace in Australia may encounter. We also stock spill kit accessories, consumables and trailers. 

When you buy Ecospill spill kits, you receive exceptional service. To assist businesses with their environmental management plan, we not only provide onsite, certified spill kit training but also regularly visit to check and restock your spill kits. So, you can rest assured knowing your spill kits are always capable of handling a spill.


This range is suitable for hazardous chemical spills and is available in 20L to 240L sizes. All Ecospill chemical spill kits contain: 

  • ChemSorb Absorbent
  • Hazchem grade land socks for perimeter containment
  • Hazchem grade absorbent mats
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Anti-static waste disposal bags with ties
  • Step-by-step spill response instructions


These are suitable for all fuel, oil, petroleum, cooking oil or other messy liquid spills. They are available in 20L to 240L sizes as standard but can be custom-made to 400L upon request. Ecospill fuel and oil spill kits contain: 

  • Land Socks for perimeter containment
  • Absorbent Mats
  • EcoSweep – a fibrous absorbent that is bio-active and will remediate to landfill
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Anti-static waste disposal bags with ties
  • Step-by-step spill response instructions


If your workshop uses non-aggressive chemicals, e.g. coolants or agricultural chemicals, our general-purpose spill kits may be ideal. Each kit contains: 

  • EcoSweep – a premium bioactive absorbent that eats and digests absorbed liquids. It ensures that absorbed material does not separate, leach or drip.
  • Land Socks for perimeter containment
  • General-purpose absorbent pads for fast absorption
  • Gloves
  • Anti-static waste disposal bags with ties
  • Step-by-step spill response instructions


This range includes body fluid spill kits, mercury spill kits and cytotoxic spill kits. These are an essential part of any laboratory or medical facility’s environmental management plan. 


This diverse range of ours helps ensure that our waters remain pristine and healthy. They are suitable for all fuel, oil, petroleum, cooking oil and other messy liquid spills in marine applications.

These spill kits are available in 20L, 40L, 100L, 120L and 240L sizes as standard. They can be custom-made upon request. Most of these kits (depending on size) contain: 

  • Floating (interlocking) booms for perimeter containment
  • White Polypropylene absorbent mats 
  • Acid-resistant gloves
  • Waste disposal bags with ties
  • Step-by-step spill response instructions


Do you need help with your environmental management plan? We’ve got you! 

At Ecospill, we understand that navigating environmental regulations across the states is complex. We can offer you expert advice, saving your business time, money and helping you meet your environmental obligations with ease. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team to see how we can help you.