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What Types of Spill Kit Accessories Do You Need in Your Business?

If your workplace stores or uses chemicals, hazardous liquids, or oils, you need a spill kit. Spill kit accessories make the kits more effective and add additional value.

Spill kits are essential for any workplace that includes chemicals, fuel, or oil. These substances can easily contaminate the environment if there is a leak or spill. They’re quite dangerous to people in some cases, too. A spill kit is necessary, but you may also need certain spill kit accessories, depending on what you need it for.

Does Your Business Need a Spill Containment Kit?

Before anything else, do you even need a spill containment kit? You may need to do an assessment to determine what risks your employees run. Then take steps to protect them as much as possible.

There are specific spill containment kits that are designed for certain spills. For example, some are meant to make oil cleanup easier, while others provide materials better suited to chemical spills and leaks.

Which Spill Kit Accessories Are Right for Your Business?

Look carefully at what types of chemicals are likely to be used in your business. What would you need to prevent dangerous contact? Here are some of the more important accessories to consider:

  • Protective gloves: Use elbow-length gloves to ensure the entire arm is protected. PVC gloves will not react with most chemicals, so they’re a safe option.
  • Wheelie bin: Use a wheelie bin to keep your spill kit tucked away. It will be neat and tidy but still quite accessible. The kit can also be wheeled to the site of the accident if needed. It’s portable yet thoroughly organized.
  • Wheelie bin cover: Don’t let people mistake the wheelie bin with your spill kit for a rubbish bin. A cover will help prevent issues with rubbish and keep your container clean and secure.
  • Disposal bags: These bags should be inside your kit, ready to handle anything that is placed in them. The idea is to scoop up the used products that have soaked up the oil, chemicals, or other liquid. Place them in the waste bag, which will prevent further contamination by the oil or chemicals that have been removed.
  • Caution tape: When a spill occurs, the last thing you want is anyone stepping in it. This can be disastrous, so ensure everyone knows where to avoid by setting up caution tape around it. You can add a roll or two into the wheelie bin and have it on hand.
  • Audit tags: If you worry that someone will open the spill kit without authorization or take things out of it, you can use audit tags to seal the wheelie bin. You’ll need to break it to get through it, so it becomes obvious when someone has been into the kit.

These are just some of the most helpful spill kit accessories. Please check our catalogue for more.

Where Should Spill Kits Be Located?

Your spill kits need to be set up as close to the areas where they will be used as possible. It should take minimal time to grab the necessary pieces to stop a spill from worsening. This means you’ll need multiple spill kits if you have more than one section where chemicals or oil are used.

In workplaces where multiple options are used, you will need a general-purpose kit, but there are also chemical spill kits and oil spill kits to help keep you and your employees safe.

How Ecospill Can Help You

Ecospill offers a wide variety of products designed to create a safe work environment. We are always open to questions and can help you select the best choice for your situation. Whether you’re looking for the best spill kit or accessories, we can answer your questions and advise you on finding the perfect system for your business.

What Now?

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