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What to Look for When Purchasing Flammable Storage Cabinets?

It doesn’t matter why you need flammable storage cabinets, whether for a small-scale personal project or for large commercial purposes. Flammable storage cabinets are essential when handling any flammable materials. 

When it comes to dangerous materials such as chemicals, liquids, and aerosols that catch light easily, they need to be stored properly. You need to consider what they are kept in, what happens if a spill occurs, and store each substance with other compatible substances. 

Flammable storage cabinets make the safe and easy storage of such materials possible. But any flammable storage container you purchase needs to meet certain criteria to serve its purpose in terms of both safety and effectiveness.

What Are Flammable Storage Containers? 

Flammable storage cabinets are specially constructed steel cabinets designed to store flammable materials, including liquids, gases, and chemicals. These cabinets have specific specifications that make storing flammable materials safe and efficient. 

Whether it’s chemicals, liquids, or gas, all flammable materials need to be stored safely to keep yourself and others safe when handling and working around these materials. Let’s explore what to look for when purchasing flammable storage cabinets and the exact specifications that make them so safe. 

What To Look For When Purchasing Flammable Storage Cabinets? 

So what exactly does a flammable storage container need to have? Before we dive into a few things to look for, there are some basic specifications that ALL cabinets simply need to have if they stand any chance of safely containing flammables.

Cabinet Construction 

This is the most crucial aspect of a flammable storage cabinet. The cabinet’s construction is essentially what makes the cabinet safe and able to withstand heat and contain spills, should any leakages or accidents occur. 

Most cabinets are constructed from 15 gauge steel, and this type of steel should be used on all sides of the cabinet, including the door, top, bottom, and both sides. There needs to be a 38mm gap between the outer and inner layers for each of the walls. This double-walled construction allows for insulating air space, which is crucial for the safe storage of flammables.

Your cabinet door also needs to include a 3 hinge door latch, working labels, and welded joints for every joint making up the cabinet. This robust construction helps prevent spillages and any liquids from spreading from the confines of the cabinet.

Where Will The Cabinet Be Used? 

The next most crucial aspect you tend to consider when selecting your flammable storage cabinet is the exact place it will be used. Are you using bulk storage for a large commercial project or just need 1 or 2 cabinets for a small personal one?

Whatever the purpose, the constructions will essentially be the same but make sure you select a cabinet suited to your size. Flammable cabinets come in all shapes and sizes and range from 5 to 120 gallons.

Spill Containment 

All ideal safety storage cabinets need a sill raised a minimum of 50mm. This helps retain any spilled liquids and prevents them from spreading and mixing with any other materials. This backup sill is absolutely essential with any flammable storage cabinet.  

Marking & Signage

Another essential for any storage cabinet is marketing and signage. Basic signage should state that there are flammable liquids inside and the type of material or substance being contained. 

This clear labelling means anyone who comes across or handles the cabinets knows precisely what’s in there, and when handling, knowing exactly which materials can be mixed and which ones can’t. In-compatible materials should never be stored in the same cabinet. And materials are classified through classes. In Australia, these are classified by the GHS (Globally Harmonized System Of Classification & Labeling Of Chemicals). 

Please refer to Safe Works for a more in-depth guide for more information regarding the storage of flammable substances in Australia. 

Additional Considerations For Flammable Cabinets 

It’s essential to know exactly what materials can be stored together in the same cabinet for liquids and gases. It’s also imperative to check local requirements regarding the storage of flammables. Some local authorities may require specific specifications and how the materials should be stored. 

Safe Storage

So there we have it. Everything you need to know before purchasing your flammable storage cabinet. Whether for personal or commercial purposes, any flammable storage container you buy needs to meet all of these specifications and consider all the points we have discussed in this post.

If you need help selecting your next flammable storage container, please contact us here at Ecospill; we want to offer you expert advice and help you choose the perfect storage solution for your situation.