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Training and Oil Spill Kits

When considering oil spill kits, or any other version of spill kits, we at EcoSpill often stress the importance of employee familiarity. Every member of your team must be up to date on the deployment methods, and also, storage locations.

This is one of the main reasons that we place such great emphasis on our training programs. The simple familiarity that is afforded to those who have been trained on the usage of a spill kit shows quickly during those confusing, frantic moments just after a spill has occurred. With a knowledge of the sequence of events to follow in this situation, spills can be tackled more quickly, lessening the chances of costly runoff, spreading, or employee injury.

Placing your oil spill kit in the right location is also vital, and is something that must be drilled in to the heads of everyone involved. It must be accessible, and close to areas where spills are most likely to occur, such as machine shops or near oil sources. But it cannot be enclosed – it is an awkward situation indeed when a spill blocks off access to the spill kit.

We recommend a training session with your staff, updated every few months, to ensure that they are well aware of the placement and the usage methods involved in your oil spill kits. By doing so, you are ensuring that a spill is within the capabilities of anyone in your staff to take care of.

To learn more about our spill kits and training programs, contact EcoSpill today for more information. We offer spill response training sessions to go along with our products, and can make sure that your workplace is ready to tackle any spills that come along.