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The Importance of Safety Cabinets for Flammable Substances

The basics of safely storing flammable substances are simple: keep them separated from the rest of the shop, and as far away from possible sources of ignition as possible. Most of all, keep them isolated, and away from the rest of the workshop.

This need has bred the emergence of the flammable safety cabinet. These cabinets serve as a storage spot for your flammable liquids and substances, keeping your workplace safe from any incidents that could expose these substances to direct flames or accidental spillage. By putting them away in their own container, you have provided protection from the vagaries of human error and pure chance.

At Ecospill, our flammable cabinets can withstand every assault. The double-wall welded construction provides ample separation outside elements, while a built-in sump ensure there is no leakage from the unit. The dual vents utilise flash arresters to keep the space safe, and they come fire tested. Regardless of the conditions outside, your chemicals are safe inside.

Featuring attractive powder-coat electrostatic finishes, adjustable shelves and levelling feet, safety cabinets from Ecospill can withstand the toughest chemical spills inside without breaking a sweat. Available in a wide variety of sizes and formats, their doors are self-locking and secure, and they stand ready to benefit your workplace.

At Ecospill, we help to keep both workplaces and the environment safe, and a flammable safety cabinet is a key acquisition for any safety-conscious workplace. For more information, contact your all-Australian friends at Ecospill today.