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The Importance of Mercury Spill Kits

Quicksilver, or mercury as it is commonly referred, stands apart from many other elements on the periodic table. It is one of the only ones that exists as a liquid in its elemental form, and has a long and storied history in areas of chemistry and lore.

Occurring naturally in the earth’s crust, mercury is a basic aspect of planet’s makeup. But this long history does not conceal its unhealthy nature. Used commonly today in many industrial processes, including paper production, paints, dental appliances, electronics, and coal-based electricity, mercury poses numerous health risks, to the point that it has bred its own specialised spill kit.

Mercury has a negative impact upon our digestive, nervous, and immune systems. It is primarily absorbed through our diets, as it tends to bioaccumulate in various fish and mollusc species. In particular, it has a negative effect on pregnant or nursing women – one of the main reasons for the limits placed on the consumption of these species.

Mercury spill kits from Eco Spill differ from their broad-range counterparts through their specific nature: they exist to tackle this specific spill, and that only. This underlines the importance of their role. Mercury, once released in to an environment, does considerable damage, over both a long and a short time frame.

A mercury spill kit takes in to account the necessity for speed and a snappy response. You are looking to solve the problem as quickly as possible, without putting yourself at undue risk of absorbing any of the chemicals yourself. PPE gear, then, is an absolute necessity.

You may never need to use it, but the importance of being prepared cannot be overstated. For more information on the use of your mercury spill kit, contact Eco Spill today.