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Where Can You Store Your Flammable Cabinets?

Ensure you meet safety regulations and protect your employees by knowing where to place your flammable cabinets. Learn more about storing flammable liquids.

To ensure the safety of your workplace and those who occupy it, it is essential to use flammable cabinets, also known as flammable liquid storage cabinets or flammable goods cabinets. A flammable cabinet is a specially designed container used to safely store flammable and combustible liquids, chemicals and other hazardous materials. Storing flammable materials requires extra care and caution.

What is a Flammable Cabinet?

A flammable cabinet is a storage unit designed to safely store flammable liquids and chemicals. These cabinets are made of steel or other fire-resistant materials and have self-closing doors that automatically seal if there is a fire. The cabinet also has a built-in ventilation system to reduce the risk of explosion, fire and the release of flammable vapours. Without flammable cabinets, businesses can face fines and risk endangering their employees.

Requirements for Flammable Cabinet Storage

To ensure that your flammable cabinets are used correctly and safely, several requirements must be met.

Positioning Your Cabinet in a Safe Location

When it comes to where to place flammable storage cabinets, look for a safe location. This means keeping flammable cabinets away from ignition sources, such as hot machinery, open flames, bunsen burners, and sparks. They should also be positioned in an area that is accessible and visible to those who may need to use them and away from electrical outlets. For example, in warehouses and laboratories, place them in areas with high foot traffic such as aisles and hallways.

Proper Labelling

Your flammable cabinets must be labelled properly. This includes labels indicating the cabinet’s contents and a warning sign designating it as a flammable storage cabinet. These labels should be clearly visible and easy to read to ensure everyone’s safety.

Storing No More Than 850l Per 250m2 of Floor Space

The cabinet should not store more than 850L of flammable liquids per 250 m2 of floor space. This is to ensure that there is enough space in the event of a fire or explosion.

Segregating the Cabinet From Ignition Sources

The cabinet must be positioned away from ignition sources, such as electrical switches, hot machinery, and open flames. This helps to reduce the risk of fire and explosion.

Only Storing Compatible Substances Within the Cabinet

It is important only to store compatible substances within the cabinet. This means storing chemicals and liquids that are not reactive to each other and will not cause a fire or explosion.

Marking the Cabinet With the Correct Dangerous Goods Signage

Finally, the cabinet must be clearly marked with the correct dangerous goods signage. This helps to indicate what is stored inside the cabinet and provides information about the level of risk associated with the stored materials.

Where Should You Place Your Flammable Cabinet?

The best place to store a flammable cabinet is in a well-ventilated area that is away from sources of heat or ignition. This can be in a dedicated storage room, laboratory, or workshop. It is important to ensure that the cabinet is easily accessible to those who may need to use it and that it is positioned in a location that is visible to others.

Choose the Best Flammable Safety Cabinets

When choosing flammable safety cabinets, review the requirements for flammable cabinet safe storage. Look for a cabinet made of fire-resistant materials with a self-closing door and a built-in ventilation system. It is also essential to choose a cabinet clearly marked with the correct dangerous goods signage and easy to use and access.

Get the Best Flammable Safety Cabinet Advice

Properly storing flammable liquids can help protect your workplace from the risk of fire and explosion. However, if you find the requirements for flammable storage cabinets daunting, Ecospill is here to help. We offer a range of flammable safety cabinets and expert advice on storing hazardous materials safely. Contact us today.