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Spill Kit Training for Australians

Spill kits are a vital aspect of any industrial workplace, but the deployment of your spill kit has to be done right for it to operate as designed. There is often a level of panic when a spill has occurred, and internalising the method of deployment of your spill kit can ensure that it is done properly.

At EcoSpill, we want to ensure that we train our clients on how best to employ their spill kit. As such, we provide expert spill kit training to meet your environmental obligations. Ecospill is leading the way in industrial spill kit training, offering courses from introductory level through to Certificate IV proficiency.

Our courses will help you become well-acquainted with your spill kit. The regulatory landscape here in Australia punishes polluters with severe fines, and spill kit training can be important to safeguard your firms’ bottom line.

Our courses are laid out in a comprehensive fashion, beginning from the fundamentals and moving onwards from there. The courses, the first of their kind in Australia, are laid out as such:

  • Spill Response: Fundamentals
  • Spill Response: In-depth
  • Introduction to Dangerous Goods and Ammonia Anhydrous
  • Manage Spill Control in the Workplace short course
  • Certificate IV in Management of Safety and Environmental Practices

Our courses teach theory, relevant literature, and practical elements of cleaning up a variety of spills, from hydrocarbons, to fuels, greases, and beyond. We take pains to teach useful skills that can be passed down to your personnel, ensuring that you can operate safely within the regulatory landscape of your state.

For more information on how Ecospill can teach you the methods you need to know to be spill-safe, contact us today.